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Of Werewolves and Ravens

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Arnold.

After Doctor Dinosaur’s plot to take over New Babbage was thwarted and the doctor himself was apparently killed in the crash, Arnold spent some time recovering in Mondrago until an ominious letter appeared which brought his brief rest to an end. Due to Dr. Maddox’s pregnancy, Arnold is sent to deal with Canergak and the asylum’s incoming patients alone. He arrives to find a completely remodeled facility along with a bell tower which is not conducive to rest nor recovery.

* Incoming Specimens by Mr. Arnold
* The Bells by Mr. Arnold

The patients arrive one by one in cages, and are inoculated against the zombie plague. However there is one patient, a wolf moreau known as Rasend, that they need to restrain as soon as possible as he has been described as completely feral and rabid. Unfortunately, Lo Artful had come to visit her friend Arnold at a very bad time…

* Patients arrival by Mr. Arnold
* Rasend by Mr. Arnold
* An escaped wolf by Mr. Arnold

The hunt for Rasend Moreau begins, whom Canergak has now revealed suffers not from rabies but lycanthropy. Allies come to Mr. Arnold’s aide once again as he makes his own attempts to hunt them down.

* Wolfsbane and Worries by Mr. Arnold
* Outside the Printery by Mr. Arnold
* Oskir was right by Mr. Arnold

Though Rasend was captured he appeared to have blood on him which was not his own. Later, while Arnold was trying to see to Momoe who had contracted the zombie plague, one of the individuals who may have been one of Rasends victims came to the Gangplank and had a violent outburst. He also hears a howl in the city while riding the tram home and learns more about the ‘specimen’ that Canergak had brought to the asylum.

* Arnold’s Journal: A very busy day by Mr. Arnold
* Arnold’s Journal: The Lockdown by Mr. Arnold
* Released by Mr. Arnold

Arnold recieves a letter of thanks from Lo, for saving her life, though he dismisses it, while unbeknownst to him Henri Metier’s raven is watching him expectantly.

* The Engine by Mr. Arnold
* Oct. 18 – The Measure of Happiness by Lisa Fargazer

Dr. Thaddeus Solsen arrives to take over the duties that Dr. Maddox has been unable to perform in her condition. He also learns that Petharic is nowhere to be found.

* Help arrives by Mr. Arnold

The Serpent of Clockhaven, which has been dragging people off to the depths and presumably eating them for over a year, meets its ends at the hands of the militia. After its firey demise at the hands of Kimika Ying using her newest invention, an Electro-Chemical rifle, the raven appears and takes something from the serpent.

* The End of the Clockhaven Serpent by Mr. Arnold
* Dead at Last by Kimika Ying

Mr. Arnold discovers that Tepic can understand Rasend and begins to come to a greater understanding of the feral moreau. Canergak intervenes and unleashes a torrent of pain from one of his devices at the creature.  Arnold is determined to find a way to help but is released from service by his friend, Dr. Solsen.

The Fox and the Wolf by Mr. Arnold
Released from Service by Mr. Arnold

Arnold tries to relax, but after getting some advice seeks out Tepics help in the Sneaky Vole to recruit him for an infiltration, and finds Fargazer is there instead.  He agrees to teach her basic reading skills and help her acclimate, before they agree on a plan to infiltrate the asylum.  Meanwhile, Tepic has ideas of his own

A Meal at Brunel Hall by Mr. Arnold
October 27 – School of One by Felisa Fargazer
The Bells, the Bells! by Tepic Harlequin
Broken Bells by Canergak

On All-Hallowes-Eve two boys are running errands when a dangerous madmen targets them.  Seemingly beset by hundreds of ravens that are not there, he is subdued by the children.  The raven departs after eating something from the man’s corpse but promises to come back for one of the boys soon.

The Ravens Meal by Aessesser, Henri Metiers pet
An Urchin Clean-up by Tepic Harlequin (Side story)
A Word to the Weasel by Tepic Harlequin (side story)

Canergak learns that Arnold was released and requests his return to the surprise of many.  Arnold unaware of this heads to Mondrago while Tepic and Lisa make infiltrate the facility.  However they are confronted by the new head of security, Henry Cortman

A Rough Start by Dr. Thaddeus Solsen
Writting Planning and…Storytelling by Tepic Harlequin
We All Live in a….Wooden Submarine? by Tepic Harlequin
Eavesdropping by Mr. Arnold
“I am not a number” by Mr. Arnold
Discovered by Mr. Arnold
The Sinking Vole by Mr. Arnold
Patient Lost by Mr. Arnold
Meeting at the Vole by Mr. Arnold
Afterwards by Dr. Thaddeus Solsen
December 2 – Growing Up by Lisa Fargazer

Arnold returns to work but on the condition he takes daily catnip for his stress. A few other things fall into place while they wait.

Back to work – Conditions Apply by Mr. Arnold
A Farewell to Cortman by Mr. Arnold
Severance by Mr. Anorld

Sensing that his secret will soon be revealed, Mr. Arnold decides to reveal that he was never a Mr. at all, in several awkward conversations

Out of the Box? by Mr. Arnold
Sneaking about by Mr. Arnold

Two buildings near the asylum are destroyed leaving behind battered ruins from the inner explosions.  Cortman meanwhile visits a Doctor and notes that some of his men have gone missing…

December 11 – Is a Cat’s Testimony Admissible in Court? by Lisa Fargazer
Doctor Visits by Henry Cortman

Several bodies are found, and black fur is discovered at the scene implicating Arnold.

A Gruesome Discovery by Tepic Harlequin
Mulitiplication by Bookworm Heinrichs
A Sidetracking conversation by Bookworm Heinrichs
Dec 30 – CSI:New Babbage by Bookworm Heinrichs
Dec 30 – Did He or Didn’t He? by Bookworm Heinrichs

Lisa gets ready for her first day of work, while the investigation proceeds and tensions in the city mount.  

Dec 30 – Lisa’s Orientation by Lisa Fargazer
Disquiet by Henry Cortman
Dec. 31 One Body Gone by Bookworm Heinrichs
Jan. 2 Another Appears by Bookworm Heinrichs
Jan. 2 Making Sure by Bookworm Heinrichs

January 5th, Babbage Year MXIII, a dead body is left at the militia building, an urchin known as Hoyt, the Murgam asylum is attacked by Cortman and his men, who shoot Dr. Solsen who is rescued by Lisa Fargazer.  However, Cortman remains and holds Beatrixe Rouse hostage demanding to see the cat.  Arnold let Cortman shoot him in order to save Beatrixe Rouse, while Captain Heinrichs brought the tragedy to an end.

Jan. 5 (morning) – An Unwelcome Delivery by Bookworm Heinrichs
Jan. 5 (lunchtime) – Asylum Anguish by Lisa Fargazer
Jan. 5 (lunchtime) – Trying to Stem the Tide by Lisa Fargazer
Jan. 5 – The Sacrificial Cat by Mr. Arnold
Jan. 5 (afternoon) – Welcome and Unwelcome Arrivals by Lisa Fargazer
Jan. 5 (afternoon) – Tending Wounds by Lisa Fargazer
Tidying up afterwards, or Fur Enough….. by Tepic Harlequin
Of bombs and bodies 1 by Jedburgh Dagger

Tepic Harlequin visits the injured Arnold, who is now reduced to a vegetative state, and his left eye has taken on an orange hue.  Meanwhile, it is revealed that one of Rasends victims as a werewolf may have been stalking the night causing most of the murders.  It is also discovered, that the raven has been taking the souls from the people it visits including Hoyt and the others, and now has its eyes set on Mr. Arnold.  It turned out that the bird had been manipulating events and influencing dreams to bring about the death of Mr. Arnold

Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk? by Tepic Harlequin
Jan. 6 – House Call by Bookworm Heinrichs
Jan. 10 – Stretching Interrogation Skills by Bookworm Heinrichs
Jan. 10 – A Glimmer of an Idea? by Bookworm Heinrichs
Jan. 11 – A Busy Week by Lisa Fargazer
Jan. 11 – A Raven at the Gate by Bookworm Heinrichs
Jan. 11 – Two Difficult Conversations by Bookworm Heinrichs
Jan. 12 – Conversation with the Past by Bookworm Heinrichs

The creature is sighted, but Bookworm is determined to work with what she has, despite the appearance of more bodies.  She has a final confrontation with the Asylum killer as the blood moon emerges, but soon the curfew comes into effect.  

More than Bargained For Mr. Blackwell
Raven Bonkers! by Tepic
Jan. 12 – Forming a Plan by Bookworm
Jan. 12 – In the Loop by Bookworm
The Word goes out! – by Tepic
Mouse Trap 1/17/188x by Cyan
Jan. 17 – Blood Moon by Bookworm
Jan. 17 – Loss of Soul by Bookworm
The Rogue Portal Hunters by Avariel Falcon

Unit 3 is hunting after the ravens along with the clockwork rabbits and the other clockworks at the power station, but discovers issues with their vision.  The unit goes searching and finds a portal in the Fells that they are sucked into and disappear

Eye Repair by Unit 3
Aether Blind by Unit 3
Data Hunt by Unit 3
Portal Activity by Unit 3

The trap is set to capture Aessesser in the asylum, and after the altercation everyone attempts to heal and recover as Arnold recovers, but no longer feels that the name is theirs.

Jan. 25 – The Trap is Sprung by Bookworm
The Lifeline by Tepic Harlequin
The Lifeline pt 2 by Tepic Harlequin
Reconciliation by Mr. Arnold
Jan. 25 – Unleashed Spirits by Bookworm
Jan. 25 – Reacquaintanceship by Bookworm
Jan. 25 – Glimpses of Memory by Lisa Fargazer

The Curfew that began using the asylum murders and Nymlets experiments continued, and was resolved in another ongoing story

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