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Portal Activity

Unit 3 had found several children gathered inside of Ruby’s pub, including Mission Objective Jimmy which the unit had been looking for.  They were talking about the curfew, and informed the unit that it was not a person and not required to follow the curfew.  It was good that it could still attend to its daily activities and duties.  The unit had been programmed to obey the office of the mayor and had followed without question ever since the order had been issued.

It requested that Mission Objective Jimmy lead it to the location it saw the creature in the Fells, explaining its mission.

Jimmy showed it the way and gestured to a spot far east of the train tracks, where they found ravens, crows, and whipporwills flocking. 

Jimmy frowned, “Looks loike you wos roight Unit 3.”

The unit began to scan the aether with its recently repaired eyes…what it saw was not good.  “There is significantly higher aetheric activity in the area.”  It was not centralized to that one point either.

The birds were eyeing them unwelcomly, but the unit moved forward to get better readings.  As it did it noticed a spike in activity.  It moved even closer to study this data and that’s when the spike suddenly turned into a aetheric force. 

“Aetheric pull imminate!  Retreat, Mission Objective!”  The unit screamed its warning as the birds flew away.  “Retreat!”

A portal, or a wormhole, opened up mere feet away from Unit 3.  A swirling mass that began to suck it in with a force comparable to both gravity and magnetism on the unit.  It began to slide on the snow backwards, towards the hole.

Jimmy fought the pull as he got onto his chest, and threw out the short rope he’d had to Unit 3.  The unit weighed the possibility of dragging Mission Objective Jimmy with him and did not attempt to reach for the rope.  “Retreat, Mission Objective!”

Jimmy cursed as Unit 3 disappeared into the aether.

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  1. Snowfang Snowfang January 23, 2013

    oh no…. i was one of those at the ruby’s I did nto find out till jimmy ran back telling us

  2. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell January 23, 2013

    ((I do hope it wouldn’t have been helpful to mention the crabs I ran into out that way….I presumed they were just left there from the dark aether <.<))

    • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs January 23, 2013

      ((They are, I’m sure.  Loki usually leaves things up from his adventures for a while, for those who stumble across mentions of them on the web.  The body’s still hanging in the opium den, for instance.))

      • Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin January 23, 2013

        (don’t worry, the smoke from the Lotus Eaters will have cured the body long ago….))

  3. Nathan Adored Nathan Adored January 24, 2013

    Grrrrr….. is this the wrong time to mention there was a Borg wandering the Fells earlier?  oO

    Actually, he was wandering the streets of New Babbage a bit, too… but seems to have disappeared again.  I’m pretty sure he arrived through one of those rogue portals.  Oo

    With any luck, he disappeared back through it again, too. oo

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