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  • 2020 Advent Gifting Calendar November 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk Fauve Aeon will be collecting items for this year's gifting calendar. Items must be at least copy/trans to work. Please contact Ms Aeon for further info. There is a possibility… (Continue reading...)
  • Barkeep Wanted July 4, 2020 by Elleon Bergamasco The White Rabbit Pub is looking for a barkeep. We serve drinks, food, and have comfortably worn in sofas. You work for tips, in a windowless, dark, and frankly sometimes… (Continue reading...)
  • The Conservatory presents the Renaissance Dance Saturday, June 27th at 5pm SLT June 14, 2020 by Captain Killian We'll pavane, leap, flirt, and clap hands to dance music of the Renaissance offered by Nick Gentleman. If you wish, come dressed in your favorite Renaissance, Medieval, Middle Ages (or… (Continue reading...)
  • CLUE game 2020 official June 11, 2020 by Mr Tenk In the early hours of the morning of June 10th, a John Doe was found floating in Le Canal Django. Doc Miggins, city coroner, determined that the John had been… (Continue reading...)
  • The New Babbage Dept of Tourism and Trade (not a tax haven…honest) June 1, 2020 by Vic Mornington So, i have spent the past few days dropping land in places where i just don't visit anymore and i just went over to throw money at a their box… (Continue reading...)
  • The Victorian Ball, LIVE from the Great Exhibition, New Babbage March 22, 2020 by Captain Killian The Conservatory’s March ball will be presented on our regular date and time, Saturday March 28 5pm SLT , but will take place at the Great Exhibition’s Crystal Palace, Blackberry… (Continue reading...)
  • Oiling Festival 2020 March 15, 2020 by Mr Tenk Contractors, captains of industry, and concerned citizens gathered on the steps of City Hall to petition the mayor to get some things fixed. Oiling Festival this year will have "general"… (Continue reading...)
  • Transcript of City Hall Contract Bidding March 15, 2020 by Mr Tenk [12:01] Tepic Harlequin: ello Mr Tenk! [12:02] Jimmy Branagh: An' there 'ee is [12:02] Mr.Tenk: how do, young activist what is the rant du jour? [12:02] Tepic Harlequin: the state… (Continue reading...)
  • Please join us next Saturday January 25th at the Conservatory: January 19, 2020 by Captain Killian A bit of night music for your Saturday. Dance to beautiful classical selections evoking the nighttime, played by Nick Gentleman at the beautiful Conservatory on the lake in Quarry Hill,… (Continue reading...)
  • The Great Exhibition – News Feed January 1, 2020 by Vic Mornington   The Hyde Park (or Crystal Palace) Great Exhibition took place in London's Hyde Park in 1851. The entire exhibition was housed inside what was essentially a glass and iron… (Continue reading...)

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  • Reply To: Barkeep Wanted July 19, 2020 by Ceejay Writer Can't be any worse than living in the Mechanix Arms back in the day! (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: CLUE game 2020 official July 1, 2020 by Mr Tenk The victim was identified as a male, age 40ish, and most likely a Romachurian dock worker (you can always tell by the shoes). Suppose inquiries could be in the Port? (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk I'm giving this one to Sophie as she did provide a simple wood bridge. This one also goes under the monorail tracks, which might get interesting once a car goes… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk Both Sophie Cloud and Edward Pearse had active builds going up on the platform. They were both good builds, Sophie's was a little friendlier for the presenter with a larger… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk No takers. If someone handy with scripts wants to tackle this one, let me know. That clock has been stuck for a while.  I believe the problem was that it… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk No takers, back in the shuffle it goes. (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk No takers for the festival, but if you are interested in taking on this project, let me know. (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk Sophie Cloud came through with a lovely new library, and just in time! The sidewalks around the old building had been barricaded so no one would get hit by the… (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk No takers, but if you're interested in taking this one on, ping me. It needs to get done. (Continue reading...)
  • Reply To: Oiling Festival 2020 June 18, 2020 by Mr Tenk Tepic takes the purse with his sturdy plague hood of stiched leather with an iron and glass faceplate. It supplies perfect protection from all airborne diseases, though he did note… (Continue reading...)

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    New Babbage is a city of builders and storytellers. Follow our latest adventures!

  • …and then things got spoopy. November 2, 2020 by Fauve Aeon No Comments The 2020 Halloween Night dance at Tomanah Hall was in the very stones were glowing! They do that from time to time, the old magic from Brigadoon never really… (Continue reading...)
  • Second Life Editing Services August 17, 2020 by Ceejay Writer No Comments I set up a page at my editing site for Second Life editing services, Lindens accepted as payment. Tell your friends, tell your nemesis. Happy to edit RP blog entries,… (Continue reading...)
  • Easter Carols April 12, 2020 by Candance No Comments It was an interesting morning, as the airship stayed in position above babbage, even up here she had found a few.. Eggs not sure how, but things had gotten interesting… (Continue reading...)
  • Steampunk Park February 10, 2020 by Toby Finchy de' Borel 1 Comment a.k.a. The best report I can write up about a place no one knows about…or a place with very carefully guarded secrets. I like the later explanation, but who knows?… (Continue reading...)
  • The Case of the Postmortem Body Snatchers February 9, 2020 by Kasa No Comments It had been a quiet far… other than the issue with the clocks… and with Beryl… and all the homes being robbed of Brooms,  but things seemed to be… (Continue reading...)
  • Bourbon & Rum Pt. V – Meeting of Two Captains January 25, 2020 by Nellie Wilde No Comments Back to Part IVSeptember 29 18xx Evening, Domino's Airship Nellie climbs over the side and looks at Domino "Yea?" Domino replying with her usually blank expression "Planning and rum?" Nellie… (Continue reading...)
  • Bourbon & Rum Pt. IV – Should Have Tested the Crew January 23, 2020 by Nellie Wilde 2 Comments Back to Part III September 29 18xx Early evening, Nell's Ship Somewhere in the middle of nowhere…lot of water. Nellie stands in the middle of the ship's deck watching everyone.… (Continue reading...)
  • Jan 4. – New Year, New Reflections? January 9, 2020 by Lisa Fargazer No Comments ((Yay! I can finally post!)) Lisa heard about the party at the Gangplank, and since she wasn’t working that night, she thought it would be worth the exercise to trek… (Continue reading...)
  • Journal of Milo Worth: I’m all in January 5, 2020 by Milo Worth No Comments Last night was another party at the bar and for once it was fun. I knew what I was doing, where everything was, and I am getting better at bartending.… (Continue reading...)
  • Bourbon & Rum Pt. III: Testing the Crew January 5, 2020 by Domino Dust 3 Comments The Fury broke through the bank of smog which surrounded New Babbage, wispy trails of vapour trailing from the engines. The ship was an imposing sight, a decommissioned battle cruiser… (Continue reading...)

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