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The Yule Goat – a New Babbage Mystery Tradition (2023 Edition)

Date(s) - Dec 01, 2023 - Dec 26, 2023
All Day


On years when fickle Fortune favors the fine and sooty City of New Babbage, The Yule Goat visits us on December 1 and hides somewhere within the winding alleyways or wide streets of the City. Never landing in exactly the same place twice, our task as intrepid & adventurous investigators and tireless explorers is to Seek The Goat – for once found, the reward is a blessing of small gifties each day until Christmas! The SLURL will be posted once the Goat is Found.

Goat Note: the Advent Calendar is a daily gift giver, set to SLT.

Second Goat Note: Yes, using Area Search is ‘cheating’. Use your Mince Pies. What a question.

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  1. Fauve Aeon Fauve Aeon Post author | November 18, 2023

    Third Goat Note: Yes, New Babbage ‘products’ count, just as you’d give a First Life neighbor some home-made items and yes anyone can make themed products here. Cinderberry Conserve? Jar it up! Wiggyfish Chowder? By the can or bucket! Exploding Fire Cider? Keeps us warm! NB tartan scarf or waistcoat? The City’s tartans are available as fullperm textures at the Academy of Industry.

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