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.shi tablescape
What is your favorite silver pattern?
  • Silverware & linens
  • photo albums
  • aether jars – feed the active ones
  • Microscope, slides, covers
  • wet mount kit – check levels of Lugol’s iodine, glycerine, xylene, pH strips – order if needed
  • piezoelectric sensor & mount
  • Leak repair kit (Lotus)
  • fishing nets and floats (ask Goat)
  • Phials for the Vernian Deep Sea Water & Fire Kelp Elixir *reminder* use the acid-proof caps
  • Advent Scrolls, inquire for the Naughty & Nice Lists from the past 2 years
  • return the Sisters of Steam historical photograph to the chest in the Archives
  • Send for the Holiday Dishes
  • design new labels for the New Babbage caviar and isinglass
  • test recipes for a new and fantastical holiday gelatin mold, perhaps topped with honeyed Cinderberries. Note – it shouldn’t explode this year or include any live creatures in the presentation this time.

And whoso bathes therein his brow

with care or madness burning,

feels once again his healthful thought

and sense of peace returning.

John Whittier
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