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      Mr Tenk

        Things that were talked about:

        Mr Tenk wondered what is going on with the recently placed sims near Mondrago.

        Oiling Festival Projects: Street Names, fresh photos for Destination Guide update, gifties for the Yule Goat advent calendar, City Hall Undervault restoration, Voom Electric Trust Windmill restoration, Blackberry Memorial upgrade, NBTA Car for the canal monorail, Fells Headframe.

        Oiling Festival Categories: Honkin’ Big Machines, Monuments & Memorials; Poster Advertising (2D); Goods, Wares, & Comestibles; Hand Tools; and Civic Rites & Ceremonies (storytelling).

        (Full descriptions  & rezzing locations will be posted later, so hold off on questions)

        Roleplay: Reminder to be mindful of how you publicize your stories as this is not and never will be an adult-rated estate. This might be a good time for a new long-plot villain to emerge.

        New Bloomage Redux: Engineer tag required to build in vacant lots. (that means land holders)

        Stonehammer Hill: City Hall #2 reappeared today, this time along with it’s trees and lawn. How strange.

        (transcript follows)

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