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The Fox and the Wolf

Rasend struck the bars again, howling loudly as he tried to break through the bars in a futile effort.  The area had been cornored off and the orderly that had been scratched had been carted off to Canergak’s office for treatment.

Arnold sighed as he was the last one there again, besides the owner who was still busy treating the bitten man for his affliction.  If the cat didn’t see him tomorrow, Friday, he would be making a full report…

His thoughts were repeatedly interupted by the bells, and by Rasends repeated attempts to smash himself against the bars in a mad rage.  He barely heard the knocking at the door on the floor below.  He turned to the wolf, still struggling to force his head through the bars, and then went downstairs to answer the door.

Tepic stood cheerfully, flute in one hand and a lock pick in the other,  “Hoy Mr. Arnold.  Think these doors are stuck…”

“Bolted.  Rasend got out of his room,” Arnold explained quickly, while looking behind himself.  No one was coming but the last thing he needed was to be caught with the door open and a child in danger again.  As it was he was surprised Canergak hadn’t fired him last time.  “He’s still behind bars th-”

“That the wolf bloke?”  Tepic asked slipping inside while Arnold had his head turned, and was already making his way upstairs by the time the cat slammed the door and cursed himself while bolting it.  He needed to get Tepic out of here before someone saw him and reported it!

The fox was dismayed as the wolf smashed against the bars repeatedly, “‘ear, yer don’t want to be doing that, ye’ll only hurt yerself!”  The wolf continued its thrashing and Tepic turned to Arnold who shook his head.

“He’s incapable of understanding anyone,” Arnold said as he gestured for the fox to follow him back down.

Rasend snarled, and Tepic nodded, “He don’t like the bells…..yer want a vole Mr?”

The wolf growled lightly and the young boy grinned as he tossed him a vole, which the hungry wolf pounced on, restricted in his jacket he couldn’t use his claws so he attacked it in a fashion which reminded the cat of a snake striking its prey.  That wasn’t why the cat stared though…Tepic had just communicated with the wolf…

The fox continued to surprise him, “He’s hungrey Mr. Arnold, anyone can see that….”  The cat barely managed to argue that the wolf wasn’t eating the soup and the young fox chuckled, “Don’t blame him, I prefer voles too, an if he’s a wolf, he want’s wolf stuff, not soup!”

Arnold turned back to Rasend, who had stopped attacking and was now pacing back and forth snarling.  “Apparently, I need to learn wolf.”

“He says yer put stuff in the soup, stuff as stinks to him…”

“Yeah, medication,” Arnold replied.  “Opiates.  Things to make the patients calm down.”

“Oh? Like the stuff Mr Emerson puts in his pies?”

The cat had rarely been as shocked to his core than he was at that moment.  He hadn’t even realized that what he had been doing was no better than what Emerson did until Tepic had spoken.  “I can’t give them it anymore.”  Looking at the wolf in the eyes, which stared back at him with hate he said, “Rasend…I’m actually sorry about that…if you can understand me…”  He hoped the wolf understood cat.  “I won’t do it again.”

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse October 28, 2012

    I have never put anything in pies other than fruit and sugar. Prove otherwise.


    • Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 28, 2012

      What was in the pie that made the Brother start singing last night?

      • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse October 28, 2012

        I have no idea, I didn’t make that pie – but I was assuming his merriment was due to too much espresso and not a lot of sleep.


      • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg October 28, 2012

        Nothing more in that pie than the power of suggestion. I made it clear last night that I had made it myself, but I might just stop baking altogether. It’s not really fun anymore.

        • Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 28, 2012

          These accusations I made about Emerson’s pies were made a full day before the meeting at the Gangplank…but even then you’re going to give up cooking Junie?  Who will bake next years Kraken fiasco’s/delicacies?

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