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Arnold’s journal: A very busy day

Monday October 8th: 

Today was the anniversary of the emergency town hall last year, and all I can say about today was that at least it was not as horrible as last year.  There was almost an explosion in port, or at least a light show early that morning, and it was there that I first saw Momoe walking around town looking ill and so was Rudolph Bones.

I feel partially responsible at least for Momoe, and gave her something for her cough and a piece of candy to Rudolph, but I knew that with their skin condition as well that they were likely succumbing to the plaque introduced by the vaccination.

I tried to move on with my day and I was outside of Cuffs when I heard the commotion with Addlebrass while talking with Laban Fairchild.  I watched the mayor and Vic drive off while this man with a clear case of zombification shouted for cheese of all things.  

I didn’t want to get involved with this as well, but with the trigger happy individuals in this city I did eventually fetch the cart and helped Garnet capture Mr. Addlebrass.  He joined the three asylum inmates who are also experiencing negative side effects as well.  Add to that the howling from Rasend, and the bells every fifteen minutes and the noise was overwhelming.

I took care of them as best I could, throwing all the cheese that I had found around the asylum placed by the M bots before they vacated town to Mr. Addlebrass’s use.  I was going to tell Garnet about his successful confinement when I ran into that clockwork.  

She was still asking about Addlebrass, and something about the situation seemed off so I went back inside.  I was working with Beatrixe upstairs on the bells when I noticed the smell and came back downstairs.  She had broken into the asylum through the canals…I suppose my ‘if they’re that desperate to get in let them’ attitude had invited this…

I chased her out and then set Beatrixe to call her crew together and seal off the entrance. No one will be getting in that way again…or out for awhile either since I insisted they seal the entrance quickly they’ll be putting in a door that doesn’t work.

After I sealed the doors, and there were many people in the asylum to watch over the place, I went to tell Garnet about the clockwork, who either wants to kill or marry Addlebrass considering the trouble she’s going through.  Considering what she’s saying I would say she wants to kill him, but that might be her way of showing love.  In this city I could believe it.

From the smell I think the clockwork had gotten there ahead of me…but that could have just been Victors pumping station at work.  I doubted it though and Garnet asked me to fetch Jedburgh.  

I ran to the Gangplank and militia headquarters for her and found that Momoe was being herded into the basement, I felt guilty about that but with Garnet upset I simply confirmed that Jedburgh wasn’t there I went back and found Garnet on the ground but mostly unharmed.

I told her about the break ins and about the clockwork who had been asking about him, and also told her my two suspicions behind her motives…especially since so far I haven’t seen her actually try to hurt anyone…

I went back to the Gangplank and found Momoe had been barricaded downstairs by Emerson, Junie, and Malus.  Malus was breaking glasses and shouting as if he was fighting off pirates in the main room, while Emerson and Junie told her to stay down there while they dealt with the pirates that wanted to get her.

While she was locked down there we had one more visitor that night…and I think that she might have been one of Rasend’s victims.  She threatened both Junie and Emerson with a sword and was sweating, nervous, and easily angered.

After that Junie and Emerson quickly left to enjoy their hookah after being trapped between a woman who I told them might rabid and the woman with zombification downstairs.  They left me in charge to watch over Momoe for the night.

She asked me after they left if there had really been any pirates…and I told her the truth.  I wasn’t going to lie about it, anymore than the risks of taking the vaccine.

Late in the night, long after everyone had left I heard someone in the bar rummaging about.  I saw a familiar man taking a few bottles of rum….but after the day I had, I just let him take them.  It was probably something they’d taken from Victor anyways.

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg October 12, 2012

    In our defense, Memoe was plague-ridden and we didn’t really think she should be serving drinks. Or staggering around, slobbering all over the bar. 

    Plus there were pirates.

  2. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse October 12, 2012

    She stank worse than the pirates!

  3. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 12, 2012

    When you were all trying to trick her, did you remember that you run a pirate bar…or at least one which has a reputation as one.

  4. Brother Malus Brother Malus October 12, 2012

    So you agree that there were pirates in a pirate bar. 


  5. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 12, 2012

    Yes.  There have been pirates at a pirate bar.

    …who Momoe probably serves drinks regularly without trouble…or do you often trap her in the basement while breaking Emersons glasses upstairs?

    …I suppose this is what they call “dinner and a show?”

  6. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse October 12, 2012

    *tries to sort out the non sequiturs in Arnold’s logic*

    Forget the pirates – why are you turning people into rabid zombies in that asylum?


  7. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 12, 2012

    I’m taking the rabid zombies off the street before someone shoots their own barmaid down with a Tesla cannon actually…by the way someone tried to break into the asylum to finish her off even though she seems to be in the middle of a recovery…is Nymlet a pirate by any chance?

    If so I concede, there is a pirate trying to kill her.

  8. Old Hob Old Hob October 12, 2012

    Pirates are practical folk. They know that sometimes it is necessary ter kill family and shipmates wiv a Tesla cannon.

    • The Undertaker The Undertaker October 12, 2012

      You’re alright there, Old Hob.

      Perhaps I should come into Ahab’s more often.

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