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Back to work – Conditions Apply

Dr. Solsen wrapped his coat around himself, hoping that the added coal would soon warm the crowded office.  Even though only the doctor and the cat were in the room there was very little room for anyone to maneuver.  Boxes and wallpaper rolls littered the office floor, along with several layers of padding which would be put into the upper level cells in the next few days.

“Things are changing around here for the better,” the doctor told him. “Canergak insisted on changing the name to something ‘more defining of the facility’.  We are now the Murgam Asylum.”

“Murgam?” Arnold asked as he made his way back, shutting the gate to the oven. “What kind of a name is Murgam?”

“What kind of a name is Canergak?  I suspect it is considered normal from whence he hails.” Dr. Solsen responded, though he wanted the answer to that question himself.  He changed the subject back to the matter at hand. “You understand why I am apprehensive about letting you return to work?”

“If you’re having second thoughts there’s still other things I can do,” Arnold countered rapidly as he took the seat across from the doctor.  “Miss Maddox still needs me in Mondrago, and I’m teaching someone how to read-”

“Calm down, Arnold, I haven’t changed my mind.”  Dr. Solsen interrupted.  “But that was a perfect example of your real problem – Stress.”

The cat sank in his chair gritting his teeth, knowing he had walked into that one.  “That was the reason I sent you away, and you do not appear to have relaxed.  If you are going to return I will allow it only under one condition.”

Arnold stiffened at this unexpected turn, but before he could argue Dr. Solsen pushed the prescription in front of the cat so he could read it for himself.  The feline blinked for a moment and then looked up, “Catnip?  You want me to take catnip?”

“Not for recreational usage.  I do not want you to come to work inebriated.” Dr. Solsen almost wished the cat would if only for a laugh, but he wouldn’t let him anywhere near their patients if he did.  “But if you take what I’ve prescribed we will see how you react and go from there.”

Arnold looked at the paper frowning, and then back to the doctor several times, “So either I use catnip every day or I don’t work?”

“I have prescribed laudanum for patients in the past–and if anyone I have ever treated has needed medicinal assistance it is you.”

Arnold grimaced for a moment, and then shrugged, “Alright.  But the next time you ask me to come back I’m going to make you ask on your knees.” Dr. Solsen had to fight to keep from laughing at the cat. “And something has to be done about Cortman.”

“No time like the present.  Could you bring him here, Chief Orderly?”

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse December 2, 2012

    *makes a note to stock up on Doritos and M&Ms*

    Psst – if you want the good stuff ya know who to call. Just sayin’


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