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Raven Bonkers!

Having spent most of the day ferreting around the Port District for various things they might need for the raven trap, Tepic was astonished by the scenes as he strolled back through the City. Everywhere, not only urchins but also other citizenry, were dashing backwards and forwards armed with anything from stones picked up from the street to what looked like full sized punt guns. He heard rumours of flocks of birds dive-bombing people, perching high up and giving them the evil eye, and discussions about “bigger guns” and “get them before they get us!”.

Catching a passing urchin by the arm, he was able to finally get some idea of what had happened. At first, it was just the urchins, keeping any raven on the move, but at some point other corvines had started to appear, flying at the lads and lasses. Then a startled bird had flown into a lady’s hat, getting entangled in the frippery. She had started screaming and going on, like some of them high born lasses do, a chap stepped in to help, and from there things had sort of gone…. blooy! Tepic reminded the lad that it was just ravens they were after, and to pass the word, and to not hurt them unless they had to, then headed over to Miss Book’s place.

Arriving, he found Cyan and a lady looking after Mr Arnold, both worried as there were several ravens hanging around the house. The boys stepped outside, and spotting the birds, started to throw smalls stones to shift them on. Unlike normal, the birds persisted in cawing and coming closer, until the lads had to aim right at them, which did make them take to the wing. It was harder to drive them away though, one of them diving at Tepic and another crashing into a windowpane, cracking the glass. Eventually the birds flew off, to cause mayhem somewhere else, but it was mighty strange behaviour from mere birds, this had to be the doing of something else.

Inside, they discussed how to make Mr Arnold safer, considering the possibility of the birds breaking the glass. The lady suggested using strands of hemp glued to the cracked glass to strengthen it, and the idea of a netting maze around the sofa to protect him was greeted with enthusiasum. Quite what Miss Book would think of her living room being turned into a fishermans warf was uncertain, but arrangements were made for several barrels of netting and staves to be delivered.

Tepic and Cyan stepped aside and talked in whispers, arranging to send out word to the Under 13 Club to meet that Friday, to plan out the final Raven Trap, while the lady changed Mr Arnold’s dressing.

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