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Arnold’s journal: The Lockdown

Tuesday October 9th: 

Today I had to take Momoe into the asylum, after she escaped from below the Gangplank and into the sewers.  A mob descended on her and so I brought the cart around…and because I share some of the responsibility in her particular situation I used myself as bait to draw her out…

Dr. Maddox is going to be furious when she hears about that.

I conducted Momoe to the asylum, and after securing her room I went about checking the medications that we had available to see if I had taken the old cure from the hospital reserves before it had sank the first time.  

It would have made no sense to create a new virus to immunize against so Dr. Cyberfaustus had to have used the old virus that would have been found natively to use for the vaccine…unless he was a complete idiot and actually made a new virus to become immune to.  Baring that eventuality the cure should be the same.

Unfortunately, we were less provisioned than I could have hoped and with the hospital gone for good there’s no point checking there.  I went over to Victor to see if he had any, but he denied involvement and then said he had used up his lot the year before and apparently could not ship anything this month.  I figured that if any doctor in town did they would be administering it soon.  In any case lets hope the ingredients from Egypt get here soon…or someone else finds a quicker solution.

We need one because some individuals came to the asylum trying to break in and kill those afflicted…despite the fact we knew in her case it was only a virus…which has been cured in the past successfully…twice.

I sent a letter to Bookworm asking her to come over as soon as possible, so I could give her a full report.  I put the entire facility into lockdown including the upper stories, and Canergak thankfully didn’t countermand the order.  

It was when Bookworm was there, hearing what had happened thus far, that we both got fed up with the Bells.  I went upstairs and didn’t leave until we had gotten them to only ring once every thirty minutes.  At least its something.

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 13, 2012

    Arnold left the power station after finalizing his communications and placing several orders on Thursday evening for aetheric post.  His friends had been right…there might have been something about all of the ‘specimens’ that he had not been told and so he had sent out messages requesting more information.  He also checked to see if the power station was willing to make a brief stop in Egypt…something he wished he had thought of sooner.

    He got onto the tram apprehensively at the stop in front of the militia and was on his way home when he heard the loud familiar howl of a wolf.  He continued his ride having gotten used to hearing the noise, when he realized that he was in Port…that had not been Rasend.

    Twisting about in his seat he looked about trying to find the source of the noise, but he couldn’t see anything on the streets or rooftops.  Grimacing he sat back down and rode the trolley to its last stop and made his way back to the asylum.

    ((OOC:  It should be noted that the victim has their own storyline in mind.))

  2. Momoe Momoe October 13, 2012

    Thanks to Mr. Arnolds attentive care, I’m feeling much better now. It was a slow process but I am fully recovered and hope to continue my duties at Gankplank soon :)

  3. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 13, 2012

    Unit #6 looked at the work orders for the day and started processing the aetheric post…

    “Hmm… Egypt… Interesting…”.

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