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A Grusome Discovery

After waking early in the morning at his camp, Tepic had wandered over to the Windmill Pond on the Fells. It was something he did most mornings in the winter, to break the ice for the ducks and to release any who had been daft enough to stay in the water too long, being trapped by the re-icing water. Of course, it had the advantage of the occasional casulty, which added a bit of variaty and interest to his diet, though this morning he was still repleate from food from the Gangplank feast.

It was just by the snow covered rocks that he came across a gruesome sight, a young man lying on his back, throat gaping, and a large patch of red tinged snow!





He glanced around, crouching, ready to run if he needed, but after several heart-stopping moments it was clear that whatever had done for the young man was not around anymore. Cauciously he siddled nearer, still keeping a sharp eye out, then looked more closely. Not only had his throat been savaged, he also had several wide spaced claw marks across his body. Looking at his own hands and the spacing of the gashes, Tepic reconed whatever had done it must have been a very large creature. He hunkered down beside the body, gently brushing his fingers against an outstreached hand. It was cold, frozen stiff – so it must have been here for some time.

This was something he couldn’t sort out himself, for one thing, there was no way he could put the body on a handcart to take to the gravedigger, for another, this was no natural death. He needed to find someone to tell so they could do whatever was needed. Turning on his heels, the sprinted across the snow towards the City Gates, to see who he could find – maybe Miss Book, she was a hero, or Miss Dagger, she investigated stuff, even Mr!

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 28, 2012

    I fear that we will be too late to save this one. *nods*

    It is possible that I could help carry them back to the city though…

  2. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse December 29, 2012

    “Well Em, we did it.” said Junie handing Emerson a plate for him to dry. “Sent the urchins off with full bellies.”

    “It’s a rough life, that of an urchin.” said Emerson as he dried the plate and placed it on the stack. “Especially in the winter.”

    “Perhaps this year will be different for them.” Junie fished another pate from the washbasin, rinsed it and handed it to Emerson. “Maybe this is the year nothing goes wrong.”

    “That might be optimistic.” said Emerson. “But hopefully they make it to the new year at least without anything troubling occurring.”

    “Hey.” said Junie reaching into the soapy basin and snatching a handful of suds.

    “Hey.” Emerson said turning to face her.

    “You have snow in your hair.” She puckered and blew the suds at Emerson.

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