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Arnold gladly removed the plaques above the doors which had been the temporary homes of Addlebrass and Momoe Mollari, now that they had been fully cured he’d seen no reason to detain them.  Perhaps Addlebrass might have been safer in the asylum with that doll after him, whatever her reasons, but his sanity may well have suffered from the noise and with his memory problems he needed quiet and rest.

He was glad when Garnet had come to collect her business partner and Momoe had felt well enough to return to work that evening, though she exhausted herself.  It had been a good night, which Arnold had little memory of after his third beer though he had honestly drank far more in the past, with Emerson no less, without getting drunk…

Though he had been able to enjoy that night he had to return to the asylum and the ‘specimens’ eventually.

What he had learned about them, about some of them at least, had been very disturbing to the feline.  At first he had been assured that there was nothing unreported in the files…but less than a few hours later he had received unofficial, but urgent, messages by people telling him other stories entirely.  As more of these individuals who had personally dealt with the inmates continued to send him news Arnold began to grow worried.  

The cat started several letters of his own that night, one of which he had to throw away when he remembered the man was already on his way to New Babbage, and another which he sent out to a man who had almost shot him at their last meeting in this city.

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