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Data Hunt

Unit 3 compiled a list of the data that it had aquired over the past few days about these particular ravens and their habits.  The list was a long one because it included everything from their average wing span, speed, and dietary habits to the fact that they didn’t particularly seem to want hugs.

After compiling it reviewed the situation once again:  Junie Ginsburg, who was to be announced as “Arm Candy” in the presence of Sir Sir Emerson Lighthouse, shouted ‘Ravens!’ as did many others present, while the unit percieved only one.  Individuals present, except for a woman the unit had never seen before, informed the unit its eyes were broken.  They had been correct. 

However, the woman’s theory was that the humans had percieved a ‘glamour’, which upon researching the term the unit now defined as a state of forced mass hallucination. This theory seemed possible, if unusual, since there was at least some data, provided by several children, that suggested the raven they were hunting was not completely natural itself; yet the unit had been able to see it.

The unit did not have the data to know which theory was correct.  It needed to investigate and so the unit compiled yet another list of situations that had appeared similar in its memory. 

The aether crabs were the first, and one of the concerns had been the crabs had needed, originally, locations from which to break into this realm.  It hunted its memory for other signs of breaks and there was one lead which the unit felt had the strongest potential:  Several months ago Mission Objective Jimmy had claimed to have seen a creature that was not completely ‘there’ in the Fells.  That was where it would begin its hunt for data, once its eyes were repaired.

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse January 21, 2013

    Wait – I thought *I* was arm candy. I’m pretty damn sweet after-all, ask anybody.

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