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Dec. 31 – One Body Gone…

Bookworm Hienrichs entered the Militia headquarters, and spotted her quarry. “Harry,” she called to another Militia member. “Doc Miggins is ready to do the autopsy on the body found by my place. Where did you put it?”

“Me?” Harry looked at her, puzzled.

“Didn’t you and Paul go there yesterday to retrieve it?”

“We did, but it was already gone when we got there. We figured you’d taken care of it yourself.”

Bookworm shook her head slowly. “I didn’t.”

Harry looked at her with a growing disquiet showing on her face. “If we didn’t take it, and you didn’t…”

“Then who did?” Bookworm finished, her own face mirroring his unease.

A quick survey of the Headquarters revealed no sign of the body, nor, apparently, had anyone else taken it. Bookworm hurried back across town to the garden behind her home and began a careful study of the ground. It wasn’t easy, with all the traffic that area had seen over the past day, but she found one set of footprints that seemed more recent than the others. She carefully tracked them out of the garden, around Mr. Emerson’s house… and to the canals.

Bookworm looked down, and sighed. With the canals frozen, they were, for the most part, kept swept clear of snow for the skaters. There’d be no tracking possible in such a cleared area.

‘Jed Dagger is *not* going to like this,’ Bookworm thought apprehensively as she began the long trek back to Militia headquarters.

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