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Doctor visits

Dr. Miller brought the measuring tape around his patient one more time, and then checked the scale one more time, sadly,  “You’ve lost roughly ten stone since your last visit.  You should have come back sooner…or gone to a real doctor.”  He felt at Cortman’s head, glad that he had at least gotten the fever down.

Miller was a biologist who had once employed Cortman and his crew during the Kraken migration.  He had needed to find someone who wouldn’t mind joining the migration in the wild and flying among the beasts for an entire week or longer if they could.  Cortman had been the only captain he had approached who would accept his mad scheme.  

The outing had ended in ruin, and with his men’s livelihood gone Cortman had gotten a contract to work at the asylum for his men in the interim.

The captain coughed into a bloody rag, “I saw Doc Emerson about it about a week ago.”

“Emerson is not a doctor,”  Miller assured him, angrily,  “The man is a snake-oil salesman.  What kind of examination did he give you?”

“He asked a few questions, or his nurse did really, a girl in blue with black hair.”

Dr. Miller pointed at the festering wound across Cortman’s face, “Did either of them offer you anything for your infection?”  

“No,” Cortman admitted, before coughing again.

“As I said, Emerson is not a doctor.  He is a charlatan.” Miller said, “I can treat your infection…but this is only going to delay the inevitable.  You have to get to a dryer climate if you want any hope…or at least talk to a real doctor about this!”

“My affairs are in order,” Cortman shrugged as he reached for his coat, ignoring his fatigue and going for the precious cigar he had gotten from Victor.  

Just as he was lighting the Sagrada Lucias his first mate came inside to tell him that their cook had disappeared. The captain frowned…that was the third man that had gone missing since he quit…

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse December 21, 2012

    “Bert,” Emerson called across the bar to the old screever who had joined him for a morning coffee. “You’ve lived in this city a long time.”

    A mischiefous and joyous grin spread around the elder man’s deep-lined but but spry looking eyes. “Near about thirty five years now Gov’nor.” Bert shook his head ever so slightly and momentarily looked away; then, softly, as if to himself, “That be half me life. Imagine that!”

    “Ever hear of a biologist by the name of Miller?” Emerson asked.

    Bert imediately shrugged his shoulders and clearly shook his head. “No, can’t say as I have. Why do you ask?”

    “Nothing really…” Emerson paused to take a sip of his coffee. “Just some article with unsubstantiated accusations.” He then turned to the crossword section at the back of the paper before cursing as he recalled that the bar had run out of pencils.

  2. Dr. Thaddeus Solsen Dr. Thaddeus Solsen December 22, 2012

    Considering his use of ‘stone’ it would be safe to assume the man is not a native.  He is likely an English doctor much like myself. 

    I knew that Mr. Cortman had lost some weight during my stay here, but almost one hundred and fourty pounds…

    • Brother Lapis Brother Lapis December 22, 2012

      Indeed, that is one hell of a tapeworm.

    • Henry Cortman Henry Cortman December 22, 2012

      The docs scales just broken if you ask me.

      • Lottie Lottie December 23, 2012

        Your inattention is evident in that you failed to mention you were advised to see a medical quarantine due to the virulent and contagious nature of your condition.

        • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse December 23, 2012

          Damn! That’s one hell of a nurse.

          • Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein December 26, 2012

            She could be of good use in this town.

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