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Rough start

Dr. Thaddeus examined the patients information intently in the days that followed his arrival.  Some of them would be inmates for the rest of their lives he suspected.  The best he could do for them would be to make the facility more humane, and abandon practises which had been outdated before 1870.  He called for padding in the cells, and his request was granted quickly once he stated it was also for the safety of their employees.  He was surprised that no one had mentioned it before, but apparently Arnold had been the only one to complain and so Canergak had ignored the request.

Dr. Solsen made other appeals which were met with differing amounts of opposition, the patients diets needed to include more variety and substance just to name one, and the new orderlies that Canergak had hired personally were too brutal, but the most frustrating had been the clock towers bells.  Canergak claimed that the bells had become a part of an experiment and were to be left as they were until their part was completed.  When they were found sabotaged Canergak had seemed almost pleased to Thaddeus.  What the doctor had found most disturbing had been when the dwarf had been disappointed to find out that Arnold had been sent away.

“End its ‘leave’.  That creature is a part of this experiment.” Thaddeus scowled and set to arguing with his employer.

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