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The final inmate sat in his cage, the gray wolf growling at everyone around him intimidatingly, its ears tipped back.  Arnold looked over the file one last time…it had taken over two dozen men to contain the wild wolf sitting next to him in the cage, seven of whom had died in the attempt.  Only two immediately and the rest from infection afterwards.  

Rasend Moreau was muzzled and he was currently bound by a straight jacket held together by a very bright silverish metal for the bands.  His feet too were wrapped so that he couldn’t scratch anyone that way either, but could walk when forced.  The men who had been assisting him so far were waiting near the door and cafeteria for Arnold to inject Rasend with the morphine.

A surprising scent filled the air, announcing Lo’s presence to Arnold long before the others were aware of her.  They tried to stop her at the door, but the young girl happily skipped through them and Arnold waved them off as he went to greet her.

“You shouldn’t be here,” He began, but she gasped as she saw Rasend for the first time and moved past Arnold to stare at the wolf who met her gaze and growled louder.  “Don’t get near him!”

“Arnold.. is she … is she terribly dangerous?”

“Yes,”  He explained how many men had died capturing him the first time. That was why he had over a dozen men to help him cart the creature upstairs, even if he did intend to drug him first.  “Don’t let him touch you, scratch or bite.”

Lo looked appalled as she turned back to the cage.  “O don’t worry, I shan’t!  Are you going to look after her?  Him?”

Arnold nodded as he put aside his notes and took the syringe from his medical arm band.   While he was distracted Lo got closer to the cage, looking inside and reaching up to the cage.

Rasend tried to bite at her, but the muzzle prevented him from doing so, but Lo backed away startled.  Arnold looked up just in time to see after the fact and he pulled her away quickly.

He asked if she was alright and Lo nodded slowly, “I have met lots of fearsome creatures before…I am not usually scared of them tho’…this one seems.. rather diff’rent…”

“Vacate the premises.” Canergak’s voice sounded from the open door way.  His cane rang as he walked forward towards Arnold accusingly. “This one cannot be allowed to scratch you.  As I have previously stated loudly and often, and yet you allow ‘children’ around it.”

“Oh it’s alright sir!  I am awfully sensible!” Lo protested earnestly.  “Mostly!  I shan’t let him bite me or anything!”

“If it does harm anyone that person shall find themselves strapped to a cold slab here soon enough.”  Canergak warned and brushed past them, ignoring their presence again.

Lo blinked after him in surprise, while Rasend roared and rammed the cage when the old man passed.  Unlike Sikes the wolf didn’t seem to injure himself at all in the process.  The cat grimaced as he prepared to administer the shot where Rasend was tied down.  “I’m putting him down now, stand clear.”

Rasend howled as he tried to fight, but the shot was administered while Lo watched the scene sadly and then looked up at her feline friend, “Arnold…are you sure that is the only way?”

Arnold looked at the metal binding the straight jacket closer from behind the iron cage on wheels and shook his head.  No one would have really used silver to bind a straight jacket…  “No.  I don’t.”

“I mean… can you not give him therapy or something?  And make him better?”  Arnold looked at his friend, who stared sadly at Rasend as his eyes began to slowly close.  

Arnold walked over to Lo and shook his head and then called for the workers.  When they had arrived he gave them their instructions and Arnold walked Lo towards the entrance slowly.

The sound of the cage door slamming open, and the men shouting as Rasend broke free caused Arnold to jump and stare back in shock as the wolf knocking the men aside, heading right for him and Lo.

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