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Jan. 11 – A Busy Week

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Lisa awoke in her makeshift bed on the floor of Dr. Solsen’s office. She hadn’t originally planned on spending nights at the asylum, but the events of last Saturday had changed many plans. She was virtually the only employee of the asylum left standing, so even though she’d not been working here long, she was called upon often for help by those adults–militia volunteers and doctors, mainly–who were working to clean, repair, and keep the asylum running.

She was kept hopping from early in the morning to late at night, and it wasn’t just cleaning duties that filled her time, though it certainly was a significant portion. The doctors tending Dr. Solsen and Tenderpaws often pressed her into service, and she quickly learned basic medical care from them. She also helped to care for the less-dangerous inmates, including Beatrixe and Tenderpaws. One thing she had trouble with, though, was cooking. Thankfully, the adults made sure that chore was well taken care of; Mrs. Sawyer, the cook for Miss Hienrichs’s household, was often over to ensure that hot, nourishing meals were available for inmates and volunteers alike.

Lisa worried about Dr. Solsen. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, he wasn’t getting better. She had decided that her appellation of “Good Healer” for him was, indeed, correct, and made sure to stay close whenever he was conscious, ready to offer him assistance at his slightest word. And whenever she was along with Tenderpaws, she would talk quietly to him, hoping somehow to guide his spirit back. So far, her efforts seemed fruitless, but she still had a cat’s patience, and was ready to continue however long was needed.

She saw Canergak about the asylum from time to time, but had so far managed to stay out of his way. She wasn’t even entirely sure he was aware of her presence, or who she was. The hospital he was building next door seemed to be proving a welcome distraction–welcome, at least, from her point of view.

Miss Hienrichs had wearily returned to the asylum that Saturday night to question Lisa about the events of the day. Lisa had told her the truth–mostly. Her brother Fourclaws, sent to find Arnold, had become a nameless passerby in her tale, and she said it was Arnold who had summoned the cats for the distraction. Everything else, though, could be recounted exactly as it had happened. She’d been nervous to talk to the woman at first, worried that she might remember where they’d first met, and that Lisa had revealed she had a connection to Ambrose’s missing notebook. But, despite a few frowning looks, it seemed that the present crises were keeping past ones from her mind. Lisa just hoped it would stay that way.

A slight stir came from the couch where Dr. Solsen still lay, trying to recover. Lisa threw back her blankets, pulled her shoes on, and hurried to his side, ready to start another long, busy day.

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