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Wolfsbane and worries

Arnold spent his Saturday telling Dr. Watson, the urchins, Cyberfaustus, and others to be on the lookout for Rasend as did others.  He was surprised when Dr. Cyberfaustus offered to prepare a concoction of wolfsbane for him, which he accepted instantly.  If he was a werewolf then it would be foolish not to try.

The doctor shut down the clinic for the evening while he got to work.  It took some time, but he returned from his study, crawling back into the room from the secret entrance looking a little disgruntled to the cat.  “Sorry for the delay.. I did have some choice sprigs as well as a bottle of the tincture I concocted of it…”

“How do I administer it?” The cat asked as he took the bottle, “Or whoever is unlucky enough to find him?”  Even though he had Rasend’s scent, and the sewage smell would also make him rather traceable it was more than possible someone else would find them first…

“With the tincture you can dip it in the bullets or darts you may attempt to use to stop him… I suggest the use of a dart and blowgun…. “  The doctor went on to explain how much he should use in the dose and how to properly coat the darts in them as the feline nodded along.

“I’ll get a dart of some kind, I don’t use guns anymore”  Not after his experiences during the Aether last year…the anniversary for the emergency town hall was on Monday and that was putting him on edge again.

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