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Broken Bells

Four of the bells clappers had broken before the matter had been brought to his attention.

“Sorry, boss, I don’t remember making the pins out of wood,” Beatrixe Rouse apologized. “I can fix it though, and have it ready again in no time!”

“Leave them as they are now.”  He ordered as he began to search the room for evidence of sabotage. 

The builder watched him confused, “You don’t want me to fix them?”

“I do not.” He soon found several greasy rags which had probably been used to remove the original pins.  His mechanical eyes studied them and then he placed them in his pocket and began to search the area for any other evidence.

He found little else, but he did note that the windows on this level did not have any bars on them.  “Seal them like the others.”

He left the mouse there sulking that she had just removed them earlier this month, and wondering how she would seal off the round windows.

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