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Emerson Lighthouse and the Search for Malus

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Galactic Baroque.

    As we resume the tale of Sir Emerson, now Sir Sir Emerson, we recall that he returned to New Babbage without his squire, Martin Malus.

* Warm November Nights
* An Owl Named ART
* Waiting for a Letter

    But news of his squire finally does arrive. Emerson decides that something is rotten in New Nublar, and mounts a rescue mission for his lost squire.

* Dear Anton
* The Queen’s Message
* The Hospitality Exam
* Brother’s Little Helper
* A Few Brief Letters
* I’m Ready for the Cruise!
* Sabbatical
* A Portrait

Not long after Emerson, Junie Ginsburg, Captain Maynard and Brother Lapis are at sea, they discover the rescue party has a fifth member…

* The Stowaway

    …and a stray bit of packing paper jogs a memory.

* Temperance with a Temper (see comments)

Meanwhile, back in New Babbage, Emerson’s majordomo finds his contract getting more and more complicated.

* The Major-domo’s Contract
* Another Very Brief Message for Miss Hienrichs
* Shovels

Finally, the amazing subaquatic vessel arrives at its destination.

* The Mysterious Island

   Our heroes hire a riverboat, and after a minor incident, they are on their way to the interior.

* The Riverboat

And back in New Babbage…

* Mumsy and Arnold
* The Big Wooden Spoon
* Mumsy and Arnold 2

    During a light layover along the river, more of the emerging political situation of New Nublar is revealed

* The Ants

    But whatever happened to ArtHOO, the mechanical owl, during all this time?

* A Very Brief Message for Jimmy Branagh

    And who is spreading those rumors that our adventurers have met their demise?
* Rumors

Our heroes continue up the river

* The Mud

As do the rumors

* Who was spreading those rumors? Part 1
* Emily’s Outing
* Who was spreading those rumors? (Part 2: Questioning Palmer)
* Who was spreading those rumors? (Part 3: Confrontation)
* Who was spreading those rumors? (Part 4: A conversation with Petharic)

    At last, the missing squire is located.

* The Orchids

   And in New Babbage, Mr. Mornington begins to wonder if his plan to keep Emerson dead is foolproof

* The Cat-astrophy

     But now that Malus has been found, things begin to go wrong…

* Sir Squire
* What could this mean?
* The Sacrifice
* The Mission
* The Raven

     Mumsy and Arnold find a clue to the identity of the master rumormonger

* Who was spreading those rumors? (Part 5: Moment of indecision)

     And the word of the prediction made by the fortuneteller slowly spreads through the sporting community

* ‘Cuffs’ Book of Wagers: The Lapis/Malus Question

Malus makes his guests comfortable in his city, but the preparations for the ceremony are cut short

* The Village
* The Honeymoon Suite
* A Jungle Interlude
* The Declaration
* From the North
* The Fight
* The Amazons
* The End

     The expedition returns to New Babbage, and the characters conclude their business before going on to new adventures

* A Letter to Mr. Arnold
* Taxes, debts, and deals. (Part 1)
* Taxes, debts, and deals. (An Epilogue)

”’Months later, an epilogue emerged.”’
* Coffee at the Gangplank
* The Missing Picture

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