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Who was spreading those rumors? (Part 2: Questioning Palmer)

Palmer enjoyed a meal with Mumsy early on Monday morning, despite her best efforts to ruin his disposition.  The thought that he might soon be free of the woman was enough to keep a smile on his face as she berated him.

After his meal he went to city hall to check on the paper work.  Satisfied that events were in motion to have Emerson Lighthouse declared legally dead, thanks to a few marks dropped here and there, he departed.  

It was at that time that he first noticed Arnold.  Palmer greeted him and said everything was being put in order.  The cat wanted to talk with him, but the solicitor told him that he simply didn’t have the time and bid the cat good day.  

He tried to go about his day, but he noticed that the cat was behind him every time he turned around.  He thought it was an odd coincidence until he noted that the cat was staring at him intently, and didn’t break eye contact.

Unnerved, Palmer quickened his pace.  After a few moments of this he turned about and noted that Arnold was matching his increased speed.  

Octavius broke out into a run but he didn’t even make it twenty yards before he was winded.  Arnold passed him and then stood up on both legs to stare Palmer in the eyes.  He’d never noticed that they had a faint glow behind them before now.

“I used to follow the mayor around town and annoy him till he was ready to talk too,”  Arnold said matter-of-factly.

Palmer sighed, partly in relief and part in resignation, “Are you sure you aren’t part bull-dog?”


The cat had just wanted to ask a few questions about Palmer’s interest in Emerson and his case.  Palmer admitted that he would stand to gain from such a situation financially since he would be charging Arnold a mostly reasonable fee, but pointed out that it was better for everyone involved.  Emerson’s death might not be properly reported for months after the fact, and bodies were not usually found in the jungle.

The cat also asked to see their original contract again, and refused the offer of sending him copies. There was no harm in it so he took the cat to his room.  

“Everything is still in order,” Palmer said as he showed him the documents, “As you can see.”

Arnold went right to the page where they had all sighed and pointed to where Palmer had signed Emerson’s name.

“This has been bothering me ever since that night.  You’ve signed Emerson’s name here and on the paper work preparing for his death certificate,” Arnold said.  “I thought you said he wasn’t your client. When did you get his power of attorney?”

“Oh,” Palmer paused for a moment, and then replied, “When he approached me about the matter and outlined the situation, of course.”

Arnold stared at him dubiously for a moment, “Can I see the documentation for that?”

Palmer smiled at the cat, “Unfortunately I do not have it on me at the moment.”

“This is your room,” the cat pointed out.

“Yes…well,” Palmer fixed his collar uncomfortably and coughed.  “You can’t expect me to keep important documents like-”

Arnold lifted the contract and pushed it into Palmers arms, “You’re keeping these here.”

“Ah yes…well…” Palmer stopped talking as the cat eyed him suspiciously.  

The uncomfortable silence continued until Arnold asked, “Can I see your credentials, and your license to practice law?”

Palmer loosened his collar again, “I’m sorry, but as I said I don’t keep important documents like that here.”

Arnold stared at Palmer, annoyed, and continued his questions that the man continued to do his best to dodge, until finally the cat left in a fury.  Palmer jumped as the cat slammed the door shut, and then sat down at his desk.  He had the feeling this was not the last he’d heard from that cat…

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  1. SinfulPrince SinfulPrince February 11, 2012

    Not even a license? That means he’s not even a reputable crook.   This Palmer makes it very hard to root for the bad guys.   Not that I would .

  2. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire February 11, 2012

    Mister Palmer, this is Arnold we’re talking about. You will not see the last of him until he is fully satisfied. And even after that, I am not so sure. Trust me.

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