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Waiting for a Letter.

We arrived back in New Babbage today, and I am happy to be home again. Mom was glad to see me and Georgie (Father had consented to taking one of my brothers with us when we evacuated) and we were glad to see that everyone was still alive. Everyone wanted to hear about all the things we had seen while we were away. 

After I said goodbye to all my family, I ran bad  to Brunel Hall to see if a letter from Martin had come. It had been enough time. I asked if anything had been delivered for Alexander Malik. The clerk spent some time looking but he didn’t find anything. Maybe tomorrow something will come. Better yet, maybe Martin will come home for Christmas like Jerome did last year. 

Well, I better start on my report of the places we saw while we were waiting for word to come home. 

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse December 23, 2011

    “How familiar are you with mechanical birds Miss Ginsburg?”
    “As familiar as one might expect, Mr. Lighthouse.”
    “Have you ever seen one like that?” Emerson indicated the owl named Art.
    “I can’t say as I have.” she replied.
    Emerson pursed his lips and furrowed his brow. “I have a bad feeling about Squire Malus.” he said.

  2. Brother Riddler Brother Riddler December 23, 2011

    Maybe I should go visit Sir Emerson. I still have not heard about what happened on his trip. 

  3. Father Pizzaro Father Pizzaro December 23, 2011


    Perhaps you should invite Sir Emerson over for tea, Brother Riddler. 

    You should practice your hospitality skills, don’t you think, Brother Riddler?


  4. Brother Riddler Brother Riddler December 23, 2011

    Drafts an invitation then goes next door to give it to the messengers. 

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