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Another Very Brief Message for Miss Hienrichs

“Well isn’t that odd.” said Miss Hienrichs as she opened her front door in response to an insistent scratching sound. She regarded the small clockwork owl perched on her front step with a degree of both interest and suspicion. The owl, wearing a leather flight helmet and goggles said merely “Hoo” by way of a response. Perhaps most strange of all, the owl appeared to have fish lips. On its chest a red light was flashing. Ms. Hienrichs reached out and pushed the round button. Immediately the owl began to speak in the unmistakable voice of her neighbour Mr. Emerson Lighthouse.

Dear Miss Hienrichs, by the time you receive this message I will once again be putting my life in peril flaunting both horrific dangers and simple common sense for the greater good. I will be gone until near the end of February during which time I will face many dangers and overcome numerous seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

However, keeping in mind civic responsibility, I have assigned the duty of sidewalk snow removal around my properties to my Major-domo Mr. Arnold. I have further instructed Mr. Arnold, through the law office of Octavius Palmer, to shovel the entire length of Fae Way. He is being compensated so there is no need to tip him for this service. In this way you shall enjoy safe walking until my return.

Keeping you safe,
sincerely your neighbour,
Emerson Lighthouse

PS.With a week and a half aboard this blasted vessel I have had plenty of time to think. In the interests of satisfying personal curiosity, I have sent ART Hoo to New Babbage to gather information on one Elvira Foehammer. It seems a rather random request, I realize, but if you have any recollections of Ms. Foehammer could you please send them along with ART Hoo. He will be leaving New Babbage on Saturday. EL

PPS. if you have any sheet music for guitar could you also forward that. Lapis seems to be playing the same song incessantly. EL

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs January 15, 2012

    Bookworm’s lips twitched as she heard about the orders given to Arnold. “How in the world did Mr. Emerson manage to rope him back in?” she murmured.

    She raised her eyebrows at the request for information on Mrs. Foehammer, though she kept silent until the message was complete. “Well,” she said to the clockwork owl, “I don’t have any guitar music, I’m afraid, but if you’ll wait a few moments, I can give you something about Mrs. Foehammer.” Taking its “Hoo” as an assent, she found pen and paper and scribbled down what she remembered, especially the fire that destroyed the New Champagne Rooms. That done, she held out the folded sheet of paper, which the owl solemnly took in its fishy mouth. Bookworm opened the door and watched it flap away.

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