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The Cat-astrophy

Mornington sat in his house in Academy in absolute darkness.  Outside he could see the wind whip up the various litter which wound its way through the prublic access arch running through the middle of his house, he could hear the urchins scamper about looking for shelter outside as the first signs of late winter rain started to fall on a cold, damp and dark city.

Only the faint glow of his Havana cigar cast a small faint light on his face.

The back door opened silently, and a gust of wind filled the warm living room with a blast of cold air.  It was Charlie…Mornington’s “go get” man.

“Yer right Mornington, the cat is chasing the shadow”

Mornington chuckled…”Yup Charlie I figured he would, either he’s doing it of his own accord or old Mumsy sent him to do it.  Either way, the damage has already started.”

Charlie looked at Mornington with a puzzled look…

“That halfwit of a solicitor of hers, peratic or some such name, already tired to sign papers making Emersons death…offical.  Unfortunatley i got word someone stopped him…and I’m guessing it was that meddling cat.”

“Should I throw the cat off the scent Mr Mornington?”

Mornington looked at the glow of his Cigar and thought for a while.

“No, let the cat carry on, I’ve made it impossible for those letters that i tampered with to be looked at with nothing but suspicion.  With any luck, the cat will end up chasing the shadows of those real but fake looking letters instead.  It will give Mumsy a lot more time to think Emerson and Junie are dead and ultimatley the Emerson estate will crumble.”

Charlie opened the back door of the house, and went off into the shadows again.  However at the back of Morningtons mind something niggled at his plan..something he might have overlooked.

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