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The Big Wooden Spoon

It was another cold day in New Babbage, much colder than usual for a late January.  Mornington was lazing around infront of his new Franklin stove in Muirsheen Durkin when his old ‘go get’ friend Charlie walked in and handed him a peice of paper.

Mornington looked at the peice of paper and burst out laughing.

“The idiot went to Nublar, Emerson has got to have a death wish, i mean really…he dragged everyone to that nasty little place?”

Charlie looked at Mornington with a puzzled look…obviously Charlie had never heard of the place.

“Nublar, or as they are calling that dank cannibal infested rathole thesedays ‘New Nublar’.  It’s a mid sized island in the tropics.  A bunch of well to do scientists keep going to that place in search of new discoveries, about the only thing they do discover is the natives are quite frankly insane…he dragged poor Junie to Nublar…”

Charlie looked at Mornington again.  “So boss…they dead?”

“They more than likley are, if they aint they are probably running the river and straight into more problems on that little island.  Still…got to keep those rumours going.”

Charlie grinned.

“The big wooden spoon Charlie old boy, some folks use it to stir the pot and cause a ruccus…I take that big wooden spoon…and start bashing folks over the head with it instead, its a more…direct approach.”

Charlie sank down another glass of Chivas Regal and asked the question thats been bothering him for a while.

“So why are you after Emerson anyway?”

Mornington chuckled…

“Because Charlie…he’s costing me too much in the amount of Chivas he getting in this bar for free, and he’s getting too big for his own boots, going off on this half planned adventures, the man is insane…dragging poor Junie around with him and one of those insane church of the builder types.”

Mornington stood up with a flash of anger on his face…

“…I mean really?!  Who does Emerson think he is anyway, going out on all those wild daredevil adventures…most of which is in places that I have a vested interest in…do you know that in his last adventure he managed to come across a picture of me in that cigar plantation?  The picture from 100 years ago?…”

Charlie simply said “ohhhhhhhh boy”

“…..yes!  Exactly!  Knowing Emerson he’d end up letting that little secret slip…so, it;s time i started pulling strings in the background.  Keep hitting on the rumour that he’s dead, it will force old Mumsy’s hand along with that wet eared solicitor of her’s to hand over some or all of Emerson’s estate to little Arnold…by the time Emerson does come back, the damage will have been done.”

Charlie looked up at Vic with a grin “Boss…your really evil sometimes”

Mornington burst out laughing and poured himself another Chivas.

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold January 25, 2012

    ((Victor’s channeling a bit of J. Jonah Jameson, heh.))

  2. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse January 25, 2012

    Oh Mornington, the gloves are off! You better stock up on Chivas because when I come back to New Babbage I’m having a party at Brunel and I’m bringing a lot of thirsty people.

    ((That is, if I am alive of course))

  3. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire January 25, 2012

    ((hehehehe… Poor Vic. For being non-existant, you sure have lots of problems. ^_~))

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