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Emily’s Outing

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  1. Brother Lapis Brother Lapis February 9, 2012

    What the hell do those kids think they are doing?

    • Cadmus Lupindo Cadmus Lupindo February 10, 2012

      They are on a wicked path. You might want to straighten them out Brother.


      They have idle hands, hard work in a scone factory would do them good.

  2. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger February 9, 2012

    They are not playing poker.

  3. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey February 10, 2012

    “Last night I stayed up late playing poker with tarot cards.  I got a full house and four people died.” – Steven Wright


  4. Brother Rudyard Brother Rudyard February 10, 2012

    From the records of Brother Rudyard:

    ….12 cases of fruitcake & the milk delivery was late today. My attempts to convince the Fathers that we should branch out and start making coffee cake was to no avail.

    Miss Barthelmess came to me because we were out of coffee beans and the conversation which I had with her while we went to buy a bag is worth noting here for the records.

    Evidently she and some of the children went to see Mrs. Underby and came away convinced of her powers. I intend to bring this up with Dominic as soon as he returns from his sojourn. 


    [16:41] Reliable Barthelmess: Hi Brother Rudy

    [16:41] Brother Rudyard: Hello Reli.

    [16:41] Reliable Barthelmess: We’re out of coffee.

    [16:41] Brother Rudyard: Don’t I know it.

    [16:41] Brother Rudyard: That’s a fetching jacket.

    [16:41] Reliable Barthelmess: Well its still cold out, and we need some coffee.

    [16:42] Brother Rudyard: Brother Lapis is in charge of coffee orders, take it up with him.

    [16:42] Reliable Barthelmess sighs and rolls her eyes

    [16:42] Reliable Barthelmess: Brother Lapis left

    [16:42] Brother Rudyard: Ah right, he abandoned me to the brat brigade, I forgot.

    [16:42] Reliable Barthelmess: And everyone is saying him and his friends are all dead.

    [16:43] Brother Rudyard: Highly unlikely.

    [17:08] Reliable Barthelmess: The Carnival is this weekened. I hope Phaedra tells fortunes.She is the best fortuneteller.

    [17:08] Brother Rudyard: Is she?

    [17:08] Reliable Barthelmess: Oh, yes, everyone knows that!

    [17:08] Reliable Barthelmess ‘s eyes widen slightly

    [17:08] Reliable Barthelmess: I mean,

    [17:09] Reliable Barthelmess: I mean she puts on the best show. That’s what I mean.

    [17:09] Brother Rudyard: Does she? I’ll have to pay a visit. I do enjoy a good show.

    [17:09] Brother Rudyard: You’ve had your fortune told?

    [17:09] Reliable Barthelmess: I mean, its all just for fun, right? So it should be fun. She puts out all the things you are supposed to see

    [17:10] Reliable Barthelmess: Well, yes…..

    [17:10] Reliable Barthelmess: Sometimes….

    [17:10] Brother Rudyard: Let me guess, wild success, true love and a massive fortune?

    [17:11] Reliable Barthelmess: No, of course not! Only the fake ones say that.

    [17:11] Brother Rudyard chuckles, “Only the fake ones?”

    [17:11] Reliable Barthelmess: ummmm

    [17:11] Reliable Barthelmess: That’s all the boring ones know what to talk about , I mean. Always some tall dark stranger and money.

    [17:12] Reliable Barthelmess shuffles her feet and drinks coffee

    [17:12] Brother Rudyard: I recall that the Fathers intended to examine Ms. Phaedra.

    [17:12] Reliable Barthelmess looks wide eyed

    [17:13] Reliable Barthelmess: Oh.

    [17:13] Brother Rudyard: They must not have found anything of note, I don’t recall anything having come out of it.

    [17:13] Reliable Barthelmess: I didn’t know that.

    [17:13] Brother Rudyard: Or perhaps it was Brother Lapis who was going to speak with her.

    [17:13] Reliable Barthelmess: Umm

    [17:13] Reliable Barthelmess: Well

    [17:14] Reliable Barthelmess sighs

    [17:14] Brother Rudyard: But of course it’s just a game.

    [17:14] Reliable Barthelmess: yes

    [17:14] Reliable Barthelmess: It was like this, see?

    [17:14] Brother Rudyard: Yes?

    [17:15] Reliable Barthelmess: Emily was all mad because Rudy and Mizu were saying that Brother Lapis was dead cause everyone was talking about it

    [17:15] Reliable Barthelmess: and

    [17:15] Reliable Barthelmess: well

    [17:15] Brother Rudyard: You went to ask Ms. Phaedra if it were true?

    [17:15] Reliable Barthelmess: Me and Anton and James took her

    [17:15] Reliable Barthelmess nods

    [17:15] Brother Rudyard: You, Anton and James took Emily to see a fortune teller?

    [17:16] Reliable Barthelmess nods

    [17:16] Brother Rudyard: How old are you now, Reliable?

    [17:16] Reliable Barthelmess: And she used the cards with all the pictures

    [17:16] Reliable Barthelmess: 16

    [17:16] Brother Rudyard: 16….and you did not, perhaps, think it would be unwise to expose younger children to that woman?

    [17:17] Reliable Barthelmess: It’s just a game. Harmless fun.

    [17:17] Reliable Barthelmess: We told her secretly to make it so they were alive so she wouldn’t worry about it

    [17:18] Brother Rudyard: How fortunate you were that she didn’t give into the famed Underby mean-streak.

    [17:18] Reliable Barthelmess: We’re not going to get in trouble, are we?

    [17:18] Brother Rudyard: If she’d told Emily they were dead, you would be.

    [17:18] Brother Rudyard: I’d really have no choice but to haul the lot of you up in front of the mayor. no doubt he’d be displeased.

    [17:18] Reliable Barthelmess: No, she said he was alive. Really alive, not just pretending for us.

    [17:19] Reliable Barthelmess: But she said he was going to be in a fight. A really dangerous fight.

    [17:19] Reliable Barthelmess: And she could not see who was going to win. And that one of them might die.

    [17:20] Brother Rudyard: mmm.

    [17:20] Reliable Barthelmess: He was going to fight with the man that hung upside down.

    [17:20] Brother Rudyard: He’s going to get into a fight with a fool?

    [17:20] Reliable Barthelmess: I mean, the man on the card was hanging upsidedown by one leg. That is who he is going to fight.

    [17:21] Brother Rudyard squints into his coffee.

    [17:22] Brother Rudyard: Dominic will win, of course.

    [17:23] Reliable Barthelmess: So he’s really going to kill Brother Malus?

    [17:23] Brother Rudyard: A duel can be decided many ways, and it may be dangerous without either person being killed.

    [17:23] Reliable Barthelmess: Oh.

    [17:24] Reliable Barthelmess: I know Anton likes him and all

    [17:24] Reliable Barthelmess: but he’s a meaner to me

    [17:24] Brother Rudyard: Not the best personality, Malus’s

    [17:25] Brother Rudyard: And he did leave the Order.

    [17:27] Reliable Barthelmess: Why is he such a meaner?

    [17:28] Brother Rudyard: Those who lack confidence always loathe anyone they fear may be a challenge to them.

    [17:30] Reliable Barthelmess: I don’t get it. What kind of threat would I be?

    [17:31] Brother Rudyard: Quick on your feet, intelligent and confident.

    [17:31] Brother Rudyard: You’ve the living embodiment of threat, Ms. Barthelmess

    [17:33] Reliable Barthelmess: With these big feet?
    [17:38] Reliable Barthelmess: Don’t forget the beans

    [17:39] Brother Rudyard: I’ve got them, c’mon, let’s escape the chatter

    (Permission given by Reli to post this conversation)


  5. Brother Riddler Brother Riddler February 10, 2012


    We couldn’t let her go by herself.

    • Brother Rudyard Brother Rudyard February 10, 2012

      You shouldn’t have gone at all, any of you. 

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