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Tripe’s History of the Great Fire

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Galactic Baroque.

”At The Gangplank, Bert the Screever and Emerson Lighthouse find an aged handbill left at a table where a newly regular customer sits and writes all day. ”
*”A Forgotten Document”

”While at the Mnemonics Institute, Brother Lapis writes a letter to his mentor Paul Nimbus in Ravila for details of the dosing protocol as used the enhance the curriculum at his own alma mater.”
*”Letter to Ravila”

”’Herodotus Tripe opens his history of the Great Fire of New Babbage. We see a sick child being transported to the Dunsany Institution in Clockhaven.”’
*Bone Fever

”’On the morning of the day that the Great Fire broke out, a boy named Thomas Chandler sabotages a foreign ship containing a clockwork marvel. His act is witnessed by a girl named Nelly Faulkner.”’
*The Amazing Chess-Playing Automaton

”’The drivers who delivered the sick child to Dunsany offer to give the institution’s nurse a ride home. They are commandeered by the militia while on the way out of Clockhaven.
*The Dunsany Institution for Social Reform

”Back in present time, Emerson finds Herodotus’ satchel, forgotten after a writing session at his favorite table at The Gangplank. He carelessly gives the satchel to Njal Edwyn in lieu of being able to give her an advance.”
*”A Satchel Full of Secrets
*image: ”If found, return to Herodutus Trip c/o The Porthead”

”And Brother Lapis is informed via fast courier from Ravila that the Church does not condone dosing children to enhance academic achievement.”
*”Official Correspondence

”’Dr. Joseph Foehammer writes to his friend Ezra Crumb about the progress of his work.”’
*A Letter to Ezra Crumb

”’Some customers are disappointed that Wally McNettle’s most popular pastries have all been bought for the Tripsa-Faulkner wedding.”’
*McNettle’s Bakery

”’The militia-men hunt for Thomas Chandler in the neighborhoods near the Palisade wall.”’
*Rutherford Commons

”At The Gangplank, Martin Malus is dismayed to learn that he is expected to drive Mumsy to the Square so she can have her Valentine delivered.”
*”Little Black Book: Mumsy’s Valentine

”Malus tries to get out of chauffeur duty. Emerson tells him he can have a half day off for every one of Herodotus Tripe’s lost documents that are returned, with the exception of Valentine’s day.”
*”The Litter in the Alley

”Mumsy has a box of buns delivered to her Valentine, Ezra Crumb.”
*”Honey Buns

”Brother Lapis begins his investigation of the dosing protocol.”
*”The Institute Rolls

”’Herodotus continues his history, telling how the students at the Church school suddenly fell to an unknown illness…”’
*The Rectory on the Telford

”’…And of the preparations for a Society wedding that same day.”’
*The Royal Oak Inn

”’The fire breaks out.”’
*Coronet Gardens

”Malus and Tobias the Morlock depart for the underground Dunsany complex.”
*Little Black Book: To Dunsany!

”Malus begins reading Dr. Foehammer’s journals, while Tobias tends to other business.”
*My Week in Dunsany

”Emerson uses the opportunity to search Malus’ room. Another of Herodotus’ faded handbills is found.”
*Perkins Frozen Water Factory

”’The brothers note the position of the fire and decide to move the students.”’
*South of the Telford

”’Another fire breaks out at the Royal Oak.”’
*North of the Telford

”Malus sends an offer of food and drink to lure Ezra Crumb to The Gangplank.”
*To Summon an Emperor

”Brother Lapis finds a former student survivor of the fire, which raises more questions.”
*The Banker’s Story

”’The fire gets out of control.”’
*The Great Fire

”’Something awful happens at the Dunsany Institution.”’
*The Worst Day of Her Life

”’Martha, Abigail, and Whiskey Jack are caught up in the fire”’
*The Great Fire, pt. 2

”’The Brothers take refuge from the fire in the canals”’
*The Grand Canal

”’Nelly Faulkner makes it to her family home in the Palisades”’
*The Palisades

”’In the aftermath of the fire, Thomas Chandler and Nelly Faulkner are held at the Dunsany Institution for their crimes”’
*The Black Guard

”’Martha Foehammer and Brother Kadmus, along with the sick students from the church school, also take refuge there”’
*The Cellar

”Brother Rudyard intercepts Brother Lapis’ mail and discovers he has been corresponding with a church inquisitor”
*A Messenger from Ravila

”He confronts Lapis with the evidence and demands an explanation”
*Under the Gaze of the Blessed Basil

”’Dr. Foehammer introduces Nelly to one of his previous patients.”’
*The Beautiful One Has Come

”’Thomas learns of his mother’s death.”’
*The Menagerie

”Malus plays nasty a prank on Ezra Crumb”
*The Royal Dinner
*The Imperial Suite
*Ezra’s Dream

”’Nelly falls ill.”’
*‘Twas the Night Before

”’Father Moonwall goes to the Dunsany Institution to check on the health of the students.”’
*In the Upper Ward

”’Ezra, Randall, and Whiskey Jack catch up with some recently orphaned children.”’
*Out on the Streets

”’Moonwall, finding the students healthy, insists that they leave the Dunsany Institution.”’
*Father, Father

”’Brother Pizarro learns that Dr. Foehammer conducted his serum experiments on his students.
*The Office of Revelations

”’Nelly, Martha, Kadmus, and Thomas are still locked in cells at the Dunsany Institution. Nelly recovers and is comforted by Martha.”’

”Tobias acquires a sheep from the itinerant shepherdess, Maggie.”
*image: Delivery for Tobias
*image: From the Little Shepardess

”Tobias visits Thomas, now a self declared prince, taking the sheep with him.”
*Tribute for Thomas

”’Gunshots at the Dunsany. Martha and Kadmus are hit by militiamen taking aim at Nelly.”’
*Ain’t No Monsters Here

”’Father Moonwall confronts Nelly, as Thomas falls ill to Dr. Foehammer’s treatment.”’
*Icy Black
*image: Nelly Faulker vs Father Ora Moonwall

”’The basement is quarantined, and non-affected bystanders make ready to evacuate the Dunsany Institution.”’
*Time to Go

”’Dr. Foehammer operates on his wife and confronts Ezra with knowledge of his affair with her.”’
*image: δικαιοσύνη
*image: Don’t mess with Nelly Faulkner

”Tobias convinces Malus to pay a call on Father Pizarro to discover more about his family.”
*Little Black Book: Old Teachers

”’Foehammer goes underground, and the Dunsany legend begins.”’
*To a Bright and Happy Future

”Brother Lapis begins to put it all together.”
*A Parlor Scene at the Gangplank

”Father Pizzaro reveals the missing journal.”
*The Missing Journal



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