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From the Little Shepardess

She would not accept payment except for the promise of a future favor. How fortunate for me. 

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse May 13, 2014

    Emerson looked up from his early morning crossword and inhaled
    deeply three or four times. He glanced around the Gangplank, empty at this hour
    but for he and Bert. Emerson sniffed the coffee, shrugged, then took a sip.

    After a few minutes of puzzling and fidgeting Emerson,
    however, raised both arms and gave a series of quick, discreet, side to side
    sniffs before trying to focus once more on his puzzle but it was to no avail. “Bert,
    you are old, right?”

    “S’all relative I guess,” replied Bert good naturedly.

    “Do you wear cologne or anything,” asked Emerson.

    “Naw,” replied Bert. “Who bothers with such fancy vanities?” 

  2. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin May 13, 2014

    Ha! yer took it an promised a favour! Green as a cabbage, some folks!

  3. Martin Malus Martin Malus May 13, 2014

    Tobias! Why is there a sheep in the bakery?


    Hey, where did he go?

    • Kaylee Faulkner Kaylee Faulkner May 14, 2014

      WHY is there a SHEEP in MY BAKERY?

  4. Maggie Lynwood Maggie Lynwood May 14, 2014

    I like Tobias, he smells good…

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