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Little Black Book: To Dunsany!

What a night!

Perhaps there was something in the air with all that Valentine’s nonsense. Kaylee and Njalli left early, and business was slow, so I left things with Bert and got some meat pies from the bakery and a pitcher of beer and took them upstairs to my room to share with Tobias. He had been working through the Academy review problems and was ready for a break. We drank and ate and for sweets had those candies from the new chocolatier down the street, salted caramels and little heart shaped chocolates. I had to go downstairs to get fresh pitchers several times over the evening. Bert seemed happy with the slow night and did not say anything. What does he think about?

Tobias speaks Greek! Halting at first, but more fluent as we drank together. We pledged our brotherhood to each other and sang chorals well into the small hours. How grand it was!

In the morning we went to the bakery and packed for our journey. How does he know all the verses to Architect of the Morning? Junie gave us strange looks as we sang together as we packed. I took the harmony to his tenor, it was like we had always been singing with each together. Junie made us a big breakfast and assured us everything would be alright while we were away, but I know Emerson wold find a reason to not let us go if he caught us, so we shouldered our packs and got out of there before he showed up.

To Dunsany!

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  1. Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg February 25, 2014

    I wasn’t giving you strange looks about your singing, it’s just that I’ve never seen you so… so… gleeful.


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