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Little Black Book: Old Teachers

Tobias said we should pay a call on Father Pizarro to see what he knew about my grandfather since that scare we gave old Crummy-Rummy, so we did. He was sitting in the courtyard having his tea, things seemed pretty quiet so we didn’t think we would be interrupting anything to go pay our respects. I asked if he knew my grandfather, and he said that of course he did, and that I had introduced them at the Christmas party. Then I said I was trying to learn more about my family and asked if he had any of his papers stored away. He seemed confused by all that, then I realized he thought that  I was Joseph!

So Tobias decides to ask for the journal too, saying we had just returned from a trip abroad and that we needed the journal to check our notes against some new data that we had collected, and the numbskull called him Brother Pizarro, so now the old duffer is just staring at Tobias like he is trying to remember something. I had heard he was slipping, it must be true because I had never seen him look like that!

And then, THEN, those stupid rat-brats from the courier depot start crowding on the balcony, all whispering and pointing at us! Dunsany! They’re calling us Dunsany! That seems to jerk something loose with old Pizza-face, because he stands up and takes Tobias’ hat and those smoked lens goggles he always wears when he goes outside during the day from him. He is staring at Tobias, touching his face, and asking if that is what happened to him over and over. Then he asked him tell him his name. I didn’t hear what he said because one of the classes lets out and they look over and wonder what the brats on the balcony are pointing at, now there’s a crowd of novices staring at us too. Then I look up and there’s scary old Moonbeam watching us out his window.

A minute later the back door of the rectory bursts open and he is coming right for us, cane thumping all the way, and he looks more pissed off than I’ve ever ever seen him before. I didn’t know he could move that fast. Everyone pulls back and Tobias has his hands up around his eyes trying to see what is going on. Moonwall pulls a sword out of his cane and points it right at me. “Martin Foehammer!” He says like he is summoning me up from the pit or something. “Martin Foehammer leave this place and never come back!”

I guess it was Lapis’ class that let out, since he catches my eye like he saw the whole thing. He gives me the signal that I’d better go. Lapis is a real bastard, but he always made a good call when things weren’t going right, so I grabbed Tobias’ goggles and dragged him out of there.

What the hell?

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  1. Sister Foscari Sister Foscari June 3, 2014

    Go to New Babbage, they said. Get away from the excitement, they said. A nice, cushy posting, they said. A cake walk.

    • Brother Lapis Brother Lapis June 3, 2014

      Funny, that’s what I was told too. We must have had the same recruitment officer.

      • Sister Foscari Sister Foscari June 3, 2014

        Wouldn’t it be amusing if we had?

  2. Brother Lucius Brother Lucius June 3, 2014

    I’d heard that New Babbage had some rough elements about it, but I had no idea ruffians would sneak onto church property and accost the old Father like that. Dreadful business!

    • Sister Foscari Sister Foscari June 4, 2014

      Clearly we should have a meeting to discuss security.

      • Brother Lucius Brother Lucius June 4, 2014

        I am at your disposal, Sister Foscari.

        • Sister Foscari Sister Foscari June 4, 2014

          We will arrange something soon, then.

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