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A letter to Ezra Crumb

(The letter as I recall it, written on the day of the fire):

Friday, October 10th, in the 87th year since the fall

 Dear Ezra,

I have but one ally left to me in this city, apart from Martha, and that is you my dear friend. Not a day passes without some contemplation of the truths we discovered during those nights of fine wine and tobacco.

You called that dream we shared a thought experiment or gedankenexperiment depending on the mood, but I call those visions of the ideal republic nothing short of prophetic and we are the prophets on the cusp of the coming age.

In these times of petty distraction it is my commitment to the one unassailable truth that keeps me focused: it is the moral obligation of those among us of superior intellect and abilities to lead the weak. Upon this foundation, upon this truth, we will realize our new republic, the perfect society where you and I shall reign side by side; philosopher kings molding the future; emperors for a new era; the intellectual elite upon whom society depends for guidance.

My dear friend, I have something I must tell you, a confession of sorts. I think, however, once you have heard my argument, you will agree my ends justify our means.

I am on the cusp of fashioning through science the obedience required of the perfect citizen while also heightening certain physical and instinctive abilities that lie latent in most individuals.

The nature of my work is delicate and cannot be conveyed effectively through this mode of communication. I would like you to visit, so that you might see what I am preparing. I believe that by the end of this very day I shalI have proof by way of demonstration of the means to our ends. Please reply at your earliest convenience.


Joseph Foehammer

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  1. Spirit Spirit February 8, 2014

    This seams rather familier… In Aquarius we had our moment of being fashioned through science to make us perfect citizens, the results were somewhat mixed…

    *puts the visor back on, takes a few breaths then heads out into Clockhaven*

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