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Official Correspondence

Previously: A Letter to Ravila


Lapis became aware of someone knocking on the door of his apartment and decided he best answer it. He was surprised to see Reliable standing next to a skinny girl in the black and white livery of Ravila, and bearing the gold chalice badge of the Church on her shoulder. Lapis assumed from the girl’s whip-thin build that she had come by air, and air couriers were expensive. The girl spoke some words in her native language and offered Lapis a wallet sealed with wax and ribbon. Lapis responded in the same language, then instructed Reliable to see to the courier’s comfort. He returned to his desk and broke the seal on the packet and began to read:


My Dear Dominic,

Medicinals are for the enhancement of the facilities as the body ages. To start young would lead to retardation of natural development and permanent addiction. There are always exceptions, as you well know, but those are another class of medications used to suppress excitable minds into focus. You were hardly a typical novice. There are few other conditions which would warrant medicating children.

I will bring your concerns to the attention of the Inquisitor General, and look forward to the arrival of your package. I need not tell you that your cooperation in this matter will be beneficial to your advancement to Father.



Lapis passed a hand over his face, then stared up at the ceiling. He read the letter a second time, a quick glance at the documents still folded in the wallet confirmed the seriousness of Paul’s tone. He had unintentionally unleashed an inquest. It would be best if no one else saw this for now.

He put the wallet in his secure drawer and locked it. That courier could only be delayed so long, and she was not expected to return empty handed. He could give her the manuscript he had been working on for Paul instead of completing the documents, but that would only bring the inquest sooner. Lapis laid down on his bed, put his hands behind his head, and sank into a semi-sleep. His next course of action would need to be well planned.

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  1. Spirit Spirit February 2, 2014

    No one expects the builders Inquisition!

    *wonders if air courier girls have wings, wings are fun!*

    • Arconus Arkright Arconus Arkright February 3, 2014

      Honestly, I think most of us are expecting the builders’ Inquisition.


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