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Letter to Ravila

Dear Paul,

Salutations from the North, dear Brother. I pray that your winter is peaceful and cold, and that the dead are stiff enough to give you rest.

You may expect a package soon. I have copied what I have transcribed of Father Pizzaro’s notes and arranged them into a memoir for your reading ease. His work was truly profound and I am privileged to be able to discuss his theorems while he is still with us in the flesh. Though his facilities are failing rapidly, when he discusses his mathematics, his eyes are bright and his thoughts flow easily.

I have become aware that our school here in New Babbage starts a dosing protocol at an early age. If it is at all possible, I would like to know the full details of the schedule that is being used in Ravila. The program here appears to be much more monitored than I remember as a student, or recall seeing applied by the Stewards. I am eager to compare our programs so to possibly shed light on the secrets to the success of Father Pizzaro’s curriculum.

in brotherhood,


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