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The Secrets of Aquilla IX

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Arnold.

In Northern Clockhaven sits a collection of old stone buildings clustered around the bases of two towers. One of the towers is made of stone and functioned as a lookout tower during the golden days of the empire. The other is a current construction familiar across the Steamlands. A Tesla broadcast tower, part of the great Tesla system broadcasting aetheric power around the world. The creator of the towers was a long forgotten secret who’s name faded with the empire that built the old Aquila broadcast network.

Somewhere within the cluster of stone buildings that comprise the old Aquila XIII station the most recent scientist to take on the task of running the station sat in her office eating apples, totally oblivious to the importance of the news she was about to receive…

Part 1: Fear is a Warm Blanket

* Routine Operations by Avariel Falcon

After Doctor Falcon offers remote assistance to Aquilla IX she soon forgets the activity and goes about her daily chores. As the incident is overlooked an unexpected cargo train arrives with the Christmas deliveries carrying dangerous occupants

*The Extra Cargo] by Itsy Drider
*A Christmas Disaster by Loki Gearhead
*Late night mystery by Azura Loring

Driven from his home, Loki Gearhead goes to his friends to request their aid. Dr. Falcon is called in to deal with what she believes is a zombie or vampire.

*A New Danger! by Tepic Harlequin
*Aetheric Correspondence – Avariel and the Spider Lair by Avariel Falcon

Several doctors and investigators try to discover clues and weapons to deal with the new menace that has taken over Loki’s home.

*Post Mortem Examination of Juvenile John Doe by Doc Miggins
*Protective Measures by Tepic Harlequin
*A Tangled Web by John Wright
*Transcript – Dealing with an Urchin by Mr. Hyde
*-Jekyl Writes- Slowly Unraveling the Web by Dr. Jekyll
*Loki’s Surprise Invention by Loki Gearhead
*Killed by Spiders – Article in the Free Press by Oscar Bellamy Penrose

Avariel Falcon is called to return to the cave by the monstrous spiders to negotiate an agreement. During the discussion the spider reveals that she was created for an unnerving purpose.

*In the Tangled Web by Itsy Drider
*The Deal by Itsy Drider
*Itsy’s Lullaby video provided by Beryl Strifeclaw

Avariel’s deal left many residents unsatisfied. There were still questions to be answered and the source of the arachnid infestation needed to be discovered.

*A Web of Deceit by Tepic Harlequin
*Everybody Cleanup by Loki Gearhead

Part 2: The Frozen North

Avariel Falcon’s investigation leads her to Aquilla IX, which does not respond to her replies. She begins preparations to investigate the matter personally bringing only one companion.

*Aetheric Correspondence – Aquila IX by Avariel Falcon
*Clockwork Bunny XXVI by Avariel Falcon

Bookworm Hienrichs, Tepic Harlequin, and many others were unhappy with Avariel’s decision to go alone, and as she was lost in the mountains they mounted an expedition to rescue her and confront the secrets of Aquila IX together

*Tepic Prepares to Head North by Tepic Harlequin
*Jan. 21 – Letter from Bookworm Hienrichs to Emerson Lighthouse by Bookworm Hienrichs
*The Frozen North – Preparing to Disembark by Loki Gearhead
*An Announcement for the Hospital Staff by Dr. Henry Jekyl

Avariel Falcon finds shelter from the storm while the expedition team finds an unexpected passenger has stowed away

*The Frozen North – Ouch! by Avariel Falcon
*The Frozen North – A Gremlin in the Engine by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Frozen North – The Stow Away by Beryl Strifeclaw
**The Frozen North – A Gastronomic and Poetical Interlude…. by Tepic Harlequin

While bets are made and tarot cards are dealt on the fate of the rescuers in New Babbage, the crew arrives in the Gulf of Heimneif during a terrible storm

*A Friendly Little Parlour Game by Lady Moldylocks
*The Frozen North – The Crash by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Frozen North – The Breaking Storm by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Frozen North – Wanderings with a Bunny by Avariel Falcon

The crew begins the arduous journey through the dangerous Hildskal Mountains hearing a cryptic song on the wind

*The Frozen North – A Song on the Wind by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Frozen North – The Snow Wife] by Beryl Strifeclaw

Escaping the Kona Snaer, the companions encounter unnaturally large animals and distorted beasts as their supplies dwindle

*The Frozen North – An Abandoned Tower by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Frozen North – Dangerous Wildlife by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Frozen North – The Urchins Help by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Frozen North – Caught up a Tree by Beryl Strifeclaw

Part 3: Aquila IX

The weary travelers, rested from their ordeal, are running low on supplies but their destination is within reach. Their jubilation turns sour as the town of Wuldram Shores proved less than welcoming.

*Aquila IX – The Occupied Town by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – Harrowed by Beryl Strifeclaw

Seeking allies and understanding the group desperately tries to reach the Builders through a secret tunnel. Sadly their guide only knew that it existed.

*Aquila IX – The Puzzle Door by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – The Cathedral by Beryl Strifeclaw

Captain Heinrichs confronts Dr. Winston Gammis the scientist who operates Aquila IX. She learns of the villain Dr. Dupyre and an organization known as Progress that has taken over Aquila IX and the town of Wuldram Shores. Realizing that this adventure was not what the companions expected she asks if they will seek safety or stand beside her.

*Aquila IX – Bookworm Gets her Answers by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – The Choice by Beryl Strifeclaw

Choices made, the companions meet with the local giant-men who share their plans to defeat Dr. Dupyre.

*Aquila IX – The Shores-men by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – The Hunter and the Pirates by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – The Plan by Beryl Strifeclaw

The enemy forces are cunning and well armed but can not risk projectiles in the Power Station. The companions decide to split up, but Tepic discovers a hidden danger to their plot

*Aquila IX – The Infiltration Begins by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – Flies in the Ointment by Beryl Strifeclaw

Leisig the hunter tracks Tepic and Dr. Benton Hartschlägel surrounds the Cathedral and threatens to open fire

*Aquila IX – Tracked by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – Hartschlägel by Beryl Strifeclaw

Bookworm Hienrichs, Mariah Lanfier, and Jim Doohan find themselves in the presence of the theatrical villain Dr. Dupyre, but he soon reveals how doomed their plans were thanks to a traitor among them.

*Aquila IX – The Entrance of Dr. Dupyre by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – Betrayal by Beryl Strifeclaw

Dr. Benton Hartschlägel orders the destruction of the Church using the mobile cannons. He then charges Yang Moreau, who had been suffering from hypothermia just hours before, with the unconscious lives of Loki Gearhead and Beryl Strifeclaw. Meanwhile, Wright and Avariel begin their attack on Aquila IX to confront Doctor Dupyre

*Aquila IX – Yang’s Dilemma by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – The Edge of Disaster by Beryl Strifeclaw

Dr. Falcon and the convoy Yang is following are both being lead into deadly traps. Meanwhile Bookworm, Mariah, and Doohan try to escape as Tepic reaches Aquila IX hounded by Leisig the Hunter. But the danger of Progress pales in comparison to the ‘Angel’ the villains claim to possess.

*Aquila IX – The Woman in Red by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – Cornered by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – The Secrets of Aquila IX by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – Doctor Falcon’s Strategy by Beryl Strifeclaw

The Heroes have fallen one after another leaving little hope for success. Meanwhile, the monks find the companions lack of faith, and trust, disturbing.

*Aquila IX – Last Hopes by Beryl Strifeclaw
*Aquila IX – The Ruined Celebration by Beryl Strifeclaw

The dwindling hopes of the resistance are slowly rekindled as there are still some willing to resist Progress. Meanwhile at the convoy Loki Gearhead managed to release Beryl Strifeclaw who turns their sword on Yang Moreau.

*Aquila IX – The Trial by Beryl Strifeclaw

Part 4: The Battle for Aquila IX

The survivors from the Koudra attack make their way to Aquila IX, which is now under siege from without. Bookworm Heinrichs and the other prisoners make their escape in the confusion, while in the reactor the cloud angel stirs.

*The Battle for Aquila IX – Decagon’s Defense by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Battle for Aquila IX – The Breakout by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Battle for Aquila IX – Hartschlägel’s Countermeasures by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Battle for Aquila IX – Pressing the Advantage by Beryl Strifeclaw

The battle intensifies and companions and villians fall. While Tepic encounters the hunter Leisig in the reactor room, Dr. Hartschlägel prepares to kill everyone trapped within the Menagerie.

*The Battle for Aquila IX – Wrath by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Battle for Aquila IX – An Impassioned Plea by Beryl Strifeclaw

The rescue team fights for their lives against Leisig, Whitesmith, and Dupyre’s mechanical creation, Mephistophicles, while Bookworm makes her way to confront Doctor Dupyre.

*The Battle for Aquila IX – Crushed by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Battle for Aquila IX – Whitesmiths Solution by Beryl Strifeclaw

Bookworm and Dupyre face off in a battle between heroine and villain with the secrets of Aquila IX at stake, while within the reactor the cloud angel threatens to go critical and end all life in the Hildskal mountains.

*The Battle for Aquila IX – The Precipice of Destruction by Beryl Strifeclaw
*The Battle for Aquila IX – The Aetheric Engines by Beryl Strifeclaw

The mad angel has been freed and unleashes its wrath upon those closest to it before setting its sight on other targets. With Babbage itself in danger, the companions make last desperate attempts to stop it, laying down their lives to prevent this dark future from happening.

*What Dreams May End by Beryl Strifeclaw

The wounded survivors spend weeks in recovery far away from home. They mourn the fallen, but take heart in the friendships they have forged and the successes they have achieved. They return home in a painfully won victory.

*Aquila IX The Carpathia Battle by Avariel Falcon
*The Battle for Aquila IX – The Long Road Home (Final) by Beryl Strifeclaw



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