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-Jekyll Writes- Slowly Unraveling the Web

-From the private notes of Dr. Jekyll-

December 31st, 2:45 PM

Extracted 7mL of an unidentified toxin from the cobweb sample. The toxin is a clear liquid, leaves residue on the glass container. Slight odor of decayed flesh, though  that might be residue of whatever was sucked out of [REDACTED]’s fingertips.

3: 08 PM

It seems that the web’s potency has little to do with the toxins. I attempted to replace the web (by itself) into the jar it was given to me in when I found my fingers went completely numb upon touching said webs. I’m thankful there is a sink in the nurse’s station next to my office; otherwise the numbness might have gotten much worse. My study will have to be put on hold until I regain the feeling in my hands.

January 2nd, 11:58 AM

Upon inspection under a microscope, I discovered tiny barbs on the threads of webbing. I suspect the barbs may be latching onto the skin and attacking the nerves, hence the numb sensation. Furthermore, the webs seem to pulsate slightly, as if drawing in some form of energy from some unseen source. The pulsations appear to occur on a microscopic level, invisible to the naked eye.

January 3rd, 12:15 AM

I have conducted an experiment in which small samples of the web were placed in various substances, with a control sample left out. Based on the results, it seems the webbing somehow extracts energy from most everything around it. It was especially potent in the blood sample; even though little blood was actually lost, it seemed to oxidize more rapidly than usual. At this point, the only conclusion I can make for this reaction is that it has nothing to do with any chemical reaction.

Fortunately, the webs also seem to dissolve in acidic substances. I may be able to use peroxide, which is the safest substance to use on human skin, to clean the webbing from a victim’s body completely. Given the circumstances, this discovery might prove to be a boon to the recovery of the hostages Beryl mentioned earlier.



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  1. Loki Gearhead Loki Gearhead January 8, 2016

    oi! Nastee. I had that in my mouth!

  2. Azura Loring Azura Loring January 8, 2016

    *Azura patiently waits to hear back from Mr. Hyde about any kind of news from any discovery made from the sample of webbing she had … acquired. Having not seen nor heard from Mr. Hyde for several days she was beginning  to get a bit nervous.

    Then Emma was taken by Creaky Gloom and her patience ended. Thinking now only of one thing. To get back into the little felines cave and get more of the webbing. Going by it every day, sometimes several times a day and checking to see if there were a way to get in which would not make to much noise and alert anyone, or anything, inside. But each day it is the same. The heavy steel plate locked in place and not a sound  or any other indication the spiders were still in there. *

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