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Late night mystery.

As she had taken to do of late, Azura decided to go check out the competition at the snow goat building contest. Grumbling and kicking the loose snow at the lack of entries so far. Suddenly burst out in soft laughter. “Three goats, three prizes. Me ‘as a chance ta git at least third place.”

Still grinning Azura refills the bowl of her ever present pipe and lights it before turning and making her was back toward the place she called home. As she passed the Gangplank she noticed it was empty as it was much later than she had thought. Sighs and shoves her hands into the pockets of her jacket.

As it were so late and the docks appeared empty, Azura decided to finally get up the nerve to pay a little visit to the one big submersible craft in Port. She looked around at the various windows around her, most were dark. One or two had the faint glow of dim candle light or firelight from the many burning fireplaces in the rooms beyond the glass.

Nothing seemed amiss, other than the almost constant sounds coming from the vessels moored in port, all was silent. As Azura made her way toward her destination she froze suddenly at the sound of breaking glass. Looking around quickly and feeling a bit foolish, realized that she had stepped on a small vial or bottle or some such just barely covered by a thin layer of fresh snow.

She bends down to get a closer look at what she had stepped on and cursed softly before pulling out one of the few matches she had left and struck it to examine the broken glass. Gives a slightly puzzled look when notices it is a small flask or test tube of some sort.

Azura cursed softly and began to look around for any other obstacles in her path when she noticed several of the crates had been opened and a small pile of books and other various objects scattered about. Moving closer to the opened crates she notices small footprints just barely covered by the snow. Following the trail of dropped items and small footprints almost runs head first into the wall as her head was down and looking into the snow. Looks up and wonders as the trail ended here. “To high fer me ta climb an’ from da look of it someone else ‘ad a bit o’ trouble as well.”

Azura stood at the base of the wall looking up thoughtfully and turns to look back the way she had come and to the open crates. It sudden occurred to her, she had seen the cat boy Loki at the Gangplank earlier that evening and she knew of his love for books and that his hideout wasn’t to far from where she now stood. Moves along the wall until she comes to a large stack of crates which she could easily climb and made her way up to the road above and across heading toward Loki’s hideout.

As before, the new snow fall almost obscuring any tracks but still only saw the one set of footprints. Makes it to the small doorway of the cats hideout and is suddenly stopped by something which was not there before. A solid metal plate covering the doorway. After searching for several minutes and finding no way to move or open the obstacle she turns and makes her way back out to the street.

Azura hopes that the small cat was safe and wonders what he had been running from and also wonders if Creaky Gloom even left foot prints, even in new fallen snow….

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  1. Loki Gearhead Loki Gearhead December 29, 2015

    HELLYA! a Urchin Detective!!

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