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Loki’s Surprise Invention


  Loki felt cheated.  Being cheated out of a home was nothing unusual for an urchin, but he had worked hard on Haven.  But when she had cornered him and the others he had promised to make sure everyone would leave her alone.  He wanted to find a way around his promise, but he couldn’t think of any clever way to work around the wording.  

   “Shore thing, a promise is a promise” he thought to himself.  Loki had tried to hide the promise from the others though.  He was scared the other urchins might laugh or what the city would think of him if they knew. He kicked a loose pebble across the cobblestone path as he headed to the Sonnerstein residence.  That was his home away from home, and he really needed the family right now.

   Loki knocked on the door of the Sonnerstien home, but nobody responded.  He opened the dusty doors and gave a quick shout of, “Oi!”  The greeting echoed through the empty foyer of the house, he pushed the cobwebs out of his face.   “dang spiders, ain’t ya done ‘nuff already?”  

   Loki’s thoughts returned to his promise and he began to feel sorry for himself.  He frumped down in front of his book collection, merely a fraction of the books in Haven, and began to curse, ”Damn, Damn, Damn.”

   Loki got into a reclined position on the hardwood floor and searched through his books. He paused when he came to a book that sparked his memory and imagination.  

   “101 Uses of  Fire Throughout History” reminded Loki about something he had overheard the other urchins talking about, but he hadn’t paid any mind to it in his stupor.  But now he remembered as his excitement grew.

JOIE DE VIVRE!!” Loki shouted out in french as he slammed the book shut.  He felt alive again, he had found a way to help the citizens and the spiders at the same time. He quickly flipped through the pages to the diagrams. Before one particular page had even settled to a slow stop Loki had locked the house doors behind himself and was out on the street running jubilantly.

         Loki started with the free burner that Miss Kimika Ying was offering, but then he bounced from place to place like a hollow rubber ball.  He went from heap yard, to junk yard, to back yard, to front yard and all over New Babbage hunting for parts.  It wasn’t long before Loki was off the street and back in the Sonnerstein house, his cart full of the treasures he would need to create his own flame thrower that would keep the spiders nice and warm as they left his cave.

    Later in the evening Loki was silent in the kitchen, his wares strewn about him in a nice, arranged, almost occultish circle with himself and his book in the center.  He opened it back to that very specific page and diagram, scoffing at the text that implied the design was a failure.  ‘Rational minds’ may balk at the design but Loki adjusted his goggles and set to work.  He barely acknowledged Scald or the others who came to see his work.  He feverishly muttered to himself as he put his contraption together.  He knew this would be the answer.

   The minutes and hours ticked by before Loki was finished.  He stood up to admire his handiwork with pride. “That’s gunna make them all kindsa warm, they ain’t never gonna need to bug no one no how.” he said in Jubilation. “A Flamethrower!”

   Loki was thrilled and decided upon himself that he should have a little joking conversation with his heating device before he initiated his test run. “Mayor, all I dun now is come by and tellya what I was gonna,.. nah.”  He paused a moment and tried again, “This hear device‘ll heat yer house up right fine, no thankin me jes doin my duty.”  He grinned, trying one more and wishing the others were still awake to see him now.  “Hows about a Light?” he asked himself.  “Thank yew, dun mind if I do” he bowed and tipped his hat to himself.

   Loki pulled the trigger and the flame burst out of the front and burnt his whiskers.   “OUCH OUCH TOO HOT TOO HOT!!”

   The spray hadn’t stopped at his face though, it had continued towards the kitchen cabinets.  The fire wasted no time in engulfing the upper kitchen.  Loki yelled as he ran out of the room into the library, his family running downstairs to fight the fire.  He knew it was the thought of an irrational mind but he tried to salvage as many books as he possibly could before he was out the front door and down the street with his tail running a smoke trail behind him…



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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon January 4, 2016

    Ouch! But at least the New-Babbage spirit is alive! *nods*

  2. River Falcon River Falcon January 4, 2016

    I hope you take appropriate care around any wooden buildings!

  3. Stormy Stillwater Stormy Stillwater January 5, 2016

    Dad says you’re wither grounded, or you get a cookie.. he’s not decided which yet.

  4. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein January 7, 2016

    Well, this dad says you’re not grounded, but we will be having a small discussion on experiment safety in the house and safe testing of projects.

    • Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon January 7, 2016

      May I sugest procuring a sturdy pair of goggles for the young engineer. *nods*

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