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An Announcement for the Hospital Staff

January 21st, 188X

As you may already know, we lost contact with Dr. Avariel Falcon after she was attacked by a group of mysterious creatures in the North. Miss Bookworm Hienrichs has organized a search party, and has recruited some of our dear friends and colleagues to join her on the expedition.

Beryl Strifeclaw, John Wright, and Tepic Harlequin are all going and are heading to the North as we speak. I was not aware of this until last night, when they were making their final preparations. Had I known sooner, I would have sent out this notice before they left.

I have seen to it our colleagues at Murgham Asylum have been informed of this news, and have been arranging for Damocles to fill the position of Head of Security in Wright’s absence. Dr. Kristos Sonnerstein and I will be doing physical evaluations on Damocles soon.

All we can do now is wish the expedition team the best of luck and pray they all make it home safely.

Dr. Henry Jekyll

Chief of Medicine

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