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Transcript- Dealing with an Urchin

On the night before New Year’s eve…

 Azura Loring: Ellos!
 Edward Hyde grumbles and doesn’t respond to the greeting.
 Azura Loring: Oh wells, me tawk ta ya later den…
 Edward Hyde: … About?
 Azura Loring: Oh nothin’ ya would be interested in, jus a kinda new discovery wif da recent bug  infestations.
 Edward Hyde: Bug infestations… Spiders?
 Azura Loring: Aye, dem tings.
 Edward Hyde: Right… Heard some kid got eaten alive by them buggers.
 Azura Loring: Aye, poor soul dids. An da unicorn got  kinda messed up as well.
 Edward Hyde: Avariel? What happened, they get in her gears?
 Azura Loring shrugs slightly “Me got der, her were layin’ on da ground an not functioning too well and all covered in da webs.”
 Edward Hyde: Ouch….
 Azura Loring: Dat where da discovery  comes from.
 Edward Hyde: Hm… Ok, you got me.
 Edward Hyde: Whadya find?
 Azura Loring: Well, when we wuz getting da webs offa ‘er our hands an’ such went all numb and stuff. Poor loki mouth went numb as ‘im were bitin’ and rippin at the webs.
 Edward Hyde winces slightly, but he didn’t seem terribly surprised…
 Edward Hyde: They were poisoned?
 Azura Loring: Nawt knows, me nawt do dem kinda experements; Nawt has da gear for it.
 Azura Loring: But whatever they touched went numb, even da clockwork unicorn
 Edward Hyde: Ok, if you touch something and your hands go numb, chances are that thing you touched is poisoned.
 Azura Loring nods and looks around “Me kept sum o’ da web we took off da unicorn.”
 Edward Hyde’s eyes widen in interest.
 Edward Hyde: Did you now?
 Azura Loring: Now me were wonderin’ if’n maybe by sum chance  ya might jus’ know sumone dat could examine it and figure out how it werk …
 Edward Hyde: Heh heh… I actually know someone who could.
 Edward Hyde: He actually suggested getting a sample for study just last…
 Azura Loring nods “But der a condition in dis .. “
 Edward Hyde: Hmph. Knew there’d be a catch.
 Azura Loring: Oh you would like it me bets… Me want more o’ da stuff or wot ever be in it dat make da numbness happen.
 Edward Hyde: Really?
 Azura Loring nods.
 Edward Hyde: And what would a kid like you want with such a poison?
 Azura Loring: Me been kinda quietly huntin’ ole Creaky…
 Edward Hyde: Hm…
 Azura Loring: Me wonder if da web stuff work on him.
 Edward Hyde: I doubt it. If anything, it might affect what’s squirming in the bag.
 Azura Loring: That may be a mercy in and of itself.
 Edward Hyde: … Might as well. The bloke I mentioned was working on an antidote.
 Azura Loring nods. “Ta do dat would hafta know wot it were so…  If’n me could get  da stuff to try out again’ Creaky if’n me can figure out how… “
 Edward Hyde: He’ll make it available to the public, I’m sure.
 Azura Loring: Me got da stuff hid away. It nawt a lot, mind you. Maybe two handful is awl me could fit in me pockets.
 Edward Hyde: Right…
Edward Hyde: Two handfuls should do for now.
 Azura Loring giggles softly. “Me hands were numb fer a day gettin da stuff outta me pockets and inta da jars.”
 Edward Hyde cackles.
 Edward Hyde: See, kid, this is why you wear thick gloves.
 Azura Loring: Well, me were to excited about da thought o’ it hittin Creaky an’ stoppin’ him and awl…
 Edward Hyde: Not an excuse.
 Azura Loring: Plus, me jus a kid after awl.
 Azura Loring giggles.
 Edward Hyde: … Yeah, and a homeless one at that.
 Edward Hyde: All the more reason to watch yer back.
 Azura Loring: Me always does! Er at least tries to…
 Edward Hyde: Hmph. Right then…
 Azura Loring: Me wanna go back in da spiders den in onna dem underwater suits.
 Edward Hyde: Pfft… I’d probably bring more protection than that. Maybe a flamethrower?
 Azura Loring shakes head “Jus’ go in enough ta grab more o’ da web an’ come back out. Miss Garnet threw a lantern at da big tawkin spider, it did nothin’.”
 Edward Hyde: … Weird.
 Azura Loring: So if’n nawt fire… Der dat real cold liquid stuff. Da stuff dat freezes wotever it touches.
 Edward Hyde scoffs. “Canal water in the winter?”
 Azura Loring: Naw, me mean really cold. Nawt sure o’ da name, not me field.
 Edward Hyde: I know what you’re talking about, kid.
 Azura Loring nods “Dey dun like da cold… So hit ’em wif dat liquid stuff maybe, jus’ freeze ’em and stomp ’em.”
 Edward Hyde: Good luck stomping that big one.
 Azura Loring: Gimme a big enough hammer after it froze solid …
 Edward Hyde: Pfft….
  Azura Loring: HA or enter it in da contest!
  Azura Loring: An ice spiderlady sure ta win!
 Edward Hyde looks around. “I’m sure she might…”
 Edward Hyde: Look, I need to get going. Meet me in the alley across the street from the Bucket of Blood around 10 o’clock. It’s got a lot of crates stacked in the middle of it.
 Edward Hyde: I DON’T like to be kept waiting.
 Azura Loring nods.
 Azura Loring: Me be ders.
 Edward Hyde nods back. “Good girl. See you later.”
 Azura Loring: Has funs!

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  1. Loki Gearhead Loki Gearhead January 7, 2016

    Sneaky Deals! =^-^= Love it!!

  2. Azura Loring Azura Loring January 8, 2016

    *Looks around, put hands behind back and walks away slowly while whistling softly*

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