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Jan. 21 – Letter from Bookworm Hienrichs to Emerson Lighthouse

A letter is dropped off at Mr. Emerson’s house in the afternoon:

Dear Mr. Lighthouse,

This letter is to inform you that Miss Lanfier and I are departing on a trip north tonight.  If you could assist Mrs. Pritchard and Mrs. Sawyer by making sure the snow is kept clear, and the wood and coal deliveries arrive when they should, I would greatly appreciate it.

Mrs. Sawyer is likely to bring food over to you from time to time.  She does like to experiment, and seems incapable of cooking for anything less than an army.  I do want to make it clear that you are under no obligation to eat everything she brings.  Not all of her experiments turn out well.

With thanks,

Your neighbor,

Bookworm Hienrichs

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse January 24, 2016

    Dear Book, 

    How wonderful! There’s nothing better than taking a little vacation time in the middle of winter; things must be slow at the militia. And going north—how smart. You’ll get great off-season rates. That must have been Mariah’s idea. Old people always find the best deals.

    Not to worry about the shoveling. Having Mr. Underby so near has it’s benefits. When no one was looking I got into the desk and re-routed the city snow removal service to include our lots. As for Mrs. Sawyer, by all means send her over. By the way, tell her I prefer reds to whites even if the meal is chicken.

    One last thing, as you are heading north anyway, would you mind picking me up a couple of items. First, I’d like ten pounds of genuine bandersnatch donair meat. You’ll have to wrap it twice, that stuff is a little pungent. Don’t forget to get the sauce to go with it – that is crucial. A gallon ought to do. Also, If you happen to be passing through Dairy, would you mind doing one more small favour? There is this guy I know who has a little something for me. It might be a little heavy, it will probably take both you and Mariah to lift it. On the bright-side the smell from it will make you forget about the donair meat. If this guy gives you any grief, just tell him I’ll send the Squire along sometime in the spring to settle up. Also, best not tell him you are with the militia. I’ll provide you with his address on a separate sheet.

    Wishing you all the best. Stay safe in all your travels— your noble neighbour,

    Sir Sir Emerson Lighthouse,


    Twice knighted, thrice retired

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