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The Frozen North – Preparing to Disembark


Despite the growing contention between the gangs, evidenced by the frozen blood on the pier, Loki still had work to do.  He was preparing his new pub and that meant tending to unattended crates. As Loki scoured the Port for his treasures, Tepic came into sight wearing a large backpack, stuffed pockets, and pulling an empty sled.  Things were worse than Loki had believed if Tepic was leaving town.

“Oi, Loki,”  Tepic greeted him in a friendly way, and reassured his friend he wasn’t skipping town.  “Just has ter go on a journey fer a bit.  Miss Avariel got themselves lost up north.”

Loki gasped in surprised concern for Doctor Avariel Falcon who had recently helped him with the spiders infesting his home. “Whoi’d she go up there?  Mornin’s tha colder than here?”

Tepic looked about and pressed his hands against Loki’s ear and whispered, “She found where them spiders came from and went after them numpty scientists alone!  Can yer believe that? Daft if’n yer ask me.”

“Oi!” Loki cried out after Tepics revelation to the foxes confusion.  Loki eventually realized his friend had been unaware they’d tried to negotiate with the spiders alone too.   He changed the subject by tipping his hat and doing a gentlemanly bow, “Well then, le’me see you off on yer travels!”

Loki playful talked with Tepic about his new business as they made their way to Clockhaven Harbor.  Tepic lead them to a crowded pier next to the sushi barge.  At the end was a long, gaunt looking steamship with bits of rust marking its age, but it appeared to be sea worthy.  Loki could see Beryl Strifeclaw helping to load smaller supplies and packages onto the ship beside Mr. Wright.  The local detective and strong arm was currently loading coal and wine barrels onto the vessel.  

Yang Moreau and Bookworm Hienrichs were discussing near the others, “But if Dr. Falcon’s compass broke just a few days into her journey how will we tell which way is north?”

Yang considered Bookworms question seriously for a moment with a bowed head before he replied softly, “I am not sure, it has been six years since I have been there.  The locals used to say that you have to watch the lights.”

Loki wondered for a moment what that could mean, but he soon turned back to Beryl and Tepic. He wished he would find a way to thank them and Dr. Falcon for helping him.  Finally he approached his friend who stopped working and greeted him warmly. “Hello, Loki.  Is everything well now?”

“Aye.” Loki replied chipperly.  “Oi shore want thangs ta be okay, oi wan’ ta say thank yew, fer all the help.”  

Beryl nodded and let out a long steamy breath before they replied, “Be safe Loki. Things are dangerous in town even without the spiders and we’ll be gone at least two weeks.”

“Reckon it may be a bit longer,” Mr. Wright added, taking the opportunity to enjoy his cigar. “Even a courier ship might take us five days to get there.”  

“Faster ter just walk.”  Tepic muttered to himself.

“Don worreh ‘bout me.  When ya get thare ya be safe as woell,” Loki replied as he began to saunter back towards Port Babbage. Loki had just thought of a way to repay them for their kindness. Over his shoulder Loki peered back at the group getting ready to embark on their journey and took note of the barrel sizes.



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