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The Deep Ones Cometh

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Effingham's Revengehad come and gone, and life had continued for some in New Babbage. Unbeknownst to the administrators at the asylum, they were now holding one of the few remaining Dagonites in their walls.

Dr. Grendel Footman, who had been absent from that attack, had returned and begun construction on a new facility next door to the Murgam asylum. He was pleased with the construction and set forth inviting the citizens to come to its grand opening.


Dr. Grendel’s tour was going well until the brother of Zachariah Effingham reared his head and uttered a Dagonite curse upon the city and the facility. Soon after his prophecy was uttered, a monster emerged from the canals and attacked those gathered.

*Occurance at the Whewell Observatory Grand opening tour. by Grendel Footman

The prophecy appeared to have farther reaching affects, going beyond the protected walls of the asylum and sending Ezekiel Moundshroud into terrible fits.

*The Imprisoned Dagonite by Canergak
*Nov 3rd 18xx, after the grand tour debacle by Grendel Footman

Canergak, the owner of the asylum, goes out in search of one of the creatures in order to capture it just as one of them is closing on a helpless victim.

*Nov. 5 – How Another Sees You by Lisa Fargazer
*The end of a safe place by Lilith
* Image: City of Fire
* Image: Fireworks over the Vole
* Image: Death of a Vole

Dr. Footman again visits the asylum and finds his medical services in need as Ezekiel Moundshroud begins to bleed unexpectedly from where his eyes had been.

*11.05.18XX: meeting at the asylum by Grendel Footman

Forging an alliance, Canergak and Dr. Footman venture forth and manage to destroy a Deep One, but this causes Moundshroud to give one final warning.

*Moundshrouds Final Warning by Canergak

The Dagonites warnings manifest south of Wheatstone and a horror from the depths attacks Wheatstone while the doctors try their best to combat it with their limited means.

*The Horror at the Observatory by Jimmy Branagh
*Nov. 10 – Battle with a Horror (Part 1) by Lisa Fargazer
*Nov. 10 – Battle with a Horror (Part 2) by Lisa Fargazer
*Nov. 10 – Battle with a Horror (Part 3) by Lisa Fargazer
*November 10th, 18XX, Horror at the Observatory by Grendel Footman



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