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Effingham’s Revenge

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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Zachariah Effingham’s beloved [ Church of Dagon] was destroyed. He has vowed revenge on the populace of New Babbage.


The church of Dagon had been destroyed by fire during a hot and explosive July in New Babbage. The Order was scattered and only Zachariah Effingham, who has just come back from a trip abroad is anywhere to be found. No suspects were brought to task for the crime, there were theories, especially in the light that, at some time in the past, the Order’s assets had been seized by the City to restore damages to the Church of the Builder, which had wrongly had its land seized while Tenk was out of town
*image: He is Not Amused Jimmy Branagh
*Meanwhile, On The Other Side Of Town by Jimmy Branagh
*Seen In The Fells by Jimmy Branagh

While Deacon Effingham blamed the mayor, in the shadow of City Hall, another theory was forming at the Messengers Central Depot
*The Sanctity of the Message Bag
*A Plan!

And across the courtyard, Brother Lapis notices something else about Father Moonwall while on a visit to Mr. Dark’s newly opened Wax Museum
*image: Trust not the Dagons, my son. They are our enemy.

Mumsy acquires the property that Dagon Hall rested on, but desires the services of an exorcist before breaking ground.
*Mumsy’s Advert by Mumsy Abigail
*image: O.O by Dee Wells
*image: Markings by Jimmy Branagh

After a considerable amount of time, the Church conducts the proper surveys and Mumsy gets her exorcism.
*image: Surveys
*The Yellow House] by Mumsy Abigail
*image: The Ceremony

Soon afterwards, dead fish and gold coins are found at the site of the exorcism, and on the steps of the Cathedral and of City Hall, and a fish kill clogs the Port.
*image: Fishy Business by Brother Lapis
*image: Theres Somethin’ Fishy Goin’ On by Jimmy Branagh

Brother Lapis has personal doubts about being an exorcist.
*Letter Home by Brother Lapis

The patent office is destroyed.
*image: There Seems To Be A Problem With The Patent Office

Threatening notes appear
*image: Nailed to Town Hall

Zachariah Effingham is sighted, but not looking quite the same as people remember him
*image: Is This Mr. Effingham?
*image: Was that the deacon?

The spiritual community responds to the threats, each according to their own practice
*Prior to the Penance
*image: Been a lot of stuff goin’ on up on the old hill..
*Beryl’s journal: Squid diet

A rift appears in the sky over Coronet Park, or was it just Petra Flax dividing by zero?
*image: Behold, New Babbage. It Begins.

The Deacon will have his day
*image: At Last!

Jed Dagger recounts the events of the past week
*Bad Moon Rising

Effingham confronts the citizens of New Babbage and summons his servant. Destruction follows. Who will save the city?
*image: Zachariah Effingham
*April 19 – Another Day, Another Eldritch Monster (Part 1)
*April 19 – Another Day, Another Eldritch Monster (Part 2)
*A Final Word From The Narrator




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