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Letter Home

Dear Paul,

I have performed my first exorcism, can you believe it? Actually, I do not. As much as I tried to, I cannot, and I am certain you will give me an earful on our next meeting. And before you ask, yes, I still have my bad nights. If there is anyone who should believe such madness, it should be me, yes? You may send the defrocking delegation at your leisure, old friend. 

Father Moonwall appears to be grooming me for promotion, though it does not sit well with me since I pledged to support Eli in his advancement. Moonwall’s methods are, frankly, bizarre. He continues to make diagrams of my memory palace, I can’t help but suspect he is looking for something. It is nothing to do with my service to the Duke, he shows no interest in cataloging that period of my past. I suspect it has something to do with my student work, which I have not returned to, as you well know. The doors to that work are firmly shut. However, Moonwall’s constant attention will show that I have attempted to keep it hidden. The symmetry will betray its location and a lie is too complicated to store without damaging the structure. 

I have another favor to ask, concerning the consecration of exorcists. Father Moonwall was insistant that it was part of the preparation of the initiate, but in all my reading I have never seen mention of a ceremony such as the one he performed over me. I could not identify the language he spoke, but I will write it phonetically from memory and enclose it with this letter, though it may be flawed. You will recall how muffled some voices are for me when I cannot see the person speaking. I do not wish to appear to be trying to cause trouble for my school, so I trust our correspondence is in confidence. 

Do keep me posted on how the rebuilding of the citidel is coming along. It must be very exciting to see the designs for new bridges, or will the old Families dig in and insist on a restoration?

I have trained my students in use of crossbow as a precaution after your warning and taken them yarble hunting to blood them. Happily there has not been the need that I can perceive. Perhaps some of them will travel to Ravila someday, and they will put it together. Or not. The Melniks departed the city some time ago to expand the import business, but never returned, and even their correspondence to their business managers stopped coming. There has been no word from them at all this winter.  Much of their holdings have been aquired by others. It pains me to think of what will happen to her (how could he not?) as I was very fond of her before she was married. 

in Brotherhood,


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  1. Mortimer Morlock Mortimer Morlock April 12, 2013

    Another has come to the stage, the father of Scaramouche. Is it the Doctor? It must be, for he is old and wears great goggles and wears a robe. The old one speaks harshly to Scaramouche and makes him pace to and fro. Is it a dance? I do not fully understand this comedy, I and my brothers must discuss it and find knowledge. I would that they would finish this so that Scaramouche will play music for us again.

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