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Well, you don’t see that every day, not even in the Gut.  =O

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  1. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell March 31, 2013

    I’m guessing you mean the action more so than the looks of the individual (both a little ….different). Looks to be calling on the builder? …That or opening up for a rain dance. I dunno, maybe we could use a little more calling on the builder…tho I haven’t managed to find the good fathers in over at the church to ask any questions. Was this individual saying anything discernable?

  2. Martin Malus Martin Malus March 31, 2013

    Isn’t that the old Dagon Hall grounds? I don’t think he is invoking the Builder. 

    • Old Hob Old Hob March 31, 2013

      Right you are Squire. I know that spot well.

  3. Mumsy Abigail Mumsy Abigail March 31, 2013

    I think I will pay a call on Brother Lapis at the Institute this week.

  4. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell March 31, 2013



    *Makes the sign of the builder several times and runs off looking for the Babbage equivalent of Holy Water.

  5. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh April 1, 2013

    It looks koinda loike ol’ Deacon Effingham wit thet long hair, but ‘ee left town ina huff last summer, an’ we ain’t heard nothin’ bout ‘im bein’ back, we bein’ us urchins.

    Could be ‘im though, but lookin’ a mite pea-kid — well, more than usual thet is —  but mybee it’s just th’ dark.

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