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A Final Word From The Narrator

Following the events initiated by the mad Dagonite Zachariah
Effingham, New Babbage gradually slipped back into its day-to-day
routine of building and drinking, and drinking and building.  Oh, and

The debris from the destruction had
been carted away, the fish kill cleared from the Port, and the vulgar
symbols of a dangerous cult wiped clean from every wall and piece of
ground in the city.  The only remaining evidence of the former Esoteric Order of
Dagon was the forboding ruins of the old meeting hall in Coronet Gardens, that still cast a
pall over the blighted, crumbling neighborhood below.

And of
Zachariah Effingham?  Who can say?  He was last heard screaming, just
before the Geographical Society building collapsed upon him as the
otherworldy creature he commanded tore through it.

His body was not found in the wreckage.


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    • Beryl Strifeclaw Beryl Strifeclaw April 21, 2013

      Book has one.  She’ll be transcribing it she says.

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