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A Plan!

Dear Diary,

Well, I went and told Gilly about how I think Father Goonwall plotted the fire at the Dagon Hall by paying those awful Pennyfarthing Boys. Gilly thinks that maybe he didn’t like having another church around, so after he saw what happened to the hospital, he liked what he saw and decided to have a go. It does seem to follow, doesn’t it? What does he do up in his room all day? Blondie1 and Blondie 2 say neither of them ever had a lesson with him, so he can’t be giving maths lessons like Slapus does. But they are gone for the summer now, so we can’t ask them what else they know about him. 

Anyway, Gilly has a plan to find out what he does all day, but first we gotta figure out which window is his. I seen them always take his meals up to him, and a cup of cocoa every night before bedtime. Since most of them is away, I’ll ask Sister Loxley if I can help out and take up the cocoa for her, so I can find out where he lives. They gotta let us help since the others are all away. Then Gilly says he can get some ropes from Gadget so he can look in the window once we find out which one is his. But we gotta be careful like and make a good plan, because if we screw it up I bet they won’t give us another chance. 

Now to wait for Sister Loxley to make the cocoa tonight, and I can have my chance. 

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  1. Reliable Barthelmess Reliable Barthelmess July 30, 2012

    Reliable Barthelmess: It’s so quiet.

    Sister Loxely: Indeed it is. Isn’t it lovely?

    Reliable Barthelmess: Um, where is Brother Rudyard? We’re out of tea.

    Sister Loxely: Likely buried in the archives again. I can make sure you are replenished.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Oh.

    Sister Loxely smiles. “You are fond of him, aren’t you?”

    Reliable Barthelmess: He’s nicer than Brother Slapus.

    Sister Loxely: Understandable. I’m not sure Brother Lapis is used to many children.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Why is he always mad?

    Sister Loxely: He is mad? What makes you say that?

    Reliable Barthelmess: He never smiles, so he must be mad.

    Sister Loxely: Ah. With him I am afraid that is not always the case. I wish it were that simple.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Oh.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Gosh, with everyone gone, looks like you need some more help.

    Sister Loxely: In truth I am rather busy. Not sure any of it can be helped though. Such is the summer.

    Reliable Barthelmess: I can help out.

    Sister Loxely blinks

    Sister Loxely: That is a very kind offer, Miss Reliable.

    Sister Loxely turns to a page of her long to do list, thinking.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Like, maybe with the meals. I can take Father Moonwall’s meals upstairs for you.

    Sister Loxely nods slowly and crosses those off with her quill then stops at the mention of Moonwall.

    Reliable Barthelmess: That’s what Anton and Claudius usually do, right? And they went away for the summer.

    Sister Loxely looks up directly at Reliable, “Yes. It is their least favorite duty, by far. Why would you wish to take over something so difficult?”

    Reliable Barthelmess: What’s so hard about taking a tray upstairs? I can do that.

    Sister Loxely: It is to Moonwall. He must have his food angled a certain way on his tray or he gets rather unpleasant.

    Reliable Barthelmess screws up her snout.  “What do you mean?”

    Sister Loxely nods in agreement at Reliable’s expression and turns to an open page and begins drawing a complex diagram, calculating the angles from memory, “He is *extremely* particular.”

    Reliable Barthelmess: I’m used to people being nasty. I take things to all kinds of people.

    Sister Loxely looks up at the girl and smiles, “I have no doubt.”

    Reliable Barthelmess: All you got to do is show me, I can remember. Rudy plays memory games with me. He says I am really good at it.

    Sister Loxely looks back down as she finishes her calculations, then tears out the page and hands it to Reliable, “Does that make sense to you?”

    Reliable Barthelmess: What is it?

    Sister Loxely points with her quill at the lines and descriptions, “A diagram, or a map, if you will of how Father Moonwall must have his food placed on the tray.”

    Reliable Barthelmess: Oh.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Even if it is just his cocoa?

    Reliable Barthelmess: Why does he want his silverware crossed? That’s weird.

    Sister Loxely nods, “Yes, even if it is just his cocoa. His handle must face the right at 45 degrees here and his napkin must lay perpendicular. And… Yes, well I do not question Father Moonwall.”

    Reliable Barthelmess: I can do that. Does he have a favorite cup?

    Sister Loxely grins and folds up the diagram, handing it to Reliable, “Excellent. Yes, the black one with a chip on the right side.”

    Reliable Barthelmess nods, mouthing the words to herself.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Um, which door is his? I have never been up there.

    Sister Loxely: Do you know where the door is to the Brother’s and my dormitory?

    Reliable Barthelmess: Yeah

    Sister Loxely: Three to the right of that door. Knock thrice as well, quickly.

    Reliable Barthelmess: And then? Go in? Or wait?

    Sister Loxely: Wait. Never go in. He will come to the door. Eventually.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Don’t just leave it?

    Sister Loxely: No. He is extremely punctual about his meals. As we must be for him as well.

    Reliable Barthelmess: Ok

    Sister Loxely smiles, “I am sure you will have no difficulties.”

    Reliable Barthelmess: I’ll take up the cocoa for you tonight.

    Sister Loxely: Thank you, Miss Reliable. I appreciate the assistance.


  2. Brother Elim Brother Elim July 30, 2012

    It is so kind of you to help Sister Loxely.

    • Sister Loxely Sister Loxely July 30, 2012

      Sister Loxely covers up a large smile with her hand, her eyes showing a practiced calm. She clears her throat and removes her hand, quickly changing the topic. “Have you heard what they call Moonwall?”

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