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Occurance at the Whewell Observatory Grand opening tour.

The grand tour of the observatory went 9ff without a hitch, moon rocks were seen, the stars were gazed at, ((the tourguide was on so much cold medicine, he forgot his astronomy on some details)).  Then, this happened:


[13:50] Jimmy Branagh: Oy knew Oy smelled fish!

[13:50] Nathanael Effingham walks in and stares at the crowd

[13:50] Grendel Footman: we actually had mounted an expidition to retreive this from the sea after it came down

[13:50] Oahu Planer (oahu.wijaya): Ohh

[13:50] Jimmy Branagh: It’s thet other Effingham!

[13:50] Grendel Footman: Hello Nathaniel

13:51] Nathanael Effingham suddenly throws his hands skyward and intones in a loud, croaking voice.

[13:51] NONNON Planer: it is lumpy

[13:51] Nathan Adored: OO

[13:51] NONNON Planer: you are sure its not second hand?

[13:51] Tepic Harlequin: ‘e looks a bit……. odd…

[13:51] Nathanael Effingham: “Woe unto you, City of Builders! Your crimes have not been forgiven, and the time has come to make restitution.”

.[13:51] Nathanael Effingham raises his voice, shouting maniacally.

[13:51] Nathan Adored: oO

[13:51] Grendel Footman blinks

[13:51] NONNON Planer: nathaniel

[13:51] Oahu Planer (oahu.wijaya): Huh?

[13:51] Nathanael Effingham: “The foul deeds of your officers and your impotent Church have condemned you all! None shall escape the doom that approaches! Not men, not women, not children! So great a debt must be paid by all who dwell here!”

[13:52] Nathan Adored: Okay, this boy is starting to damage my calm…… Oo

[13:52] Nathanael Effingham: “You believe that you defeated my brother Zachariah with the idiot yammerings of the one you call Emperor. I tell you now, nothing could be less true! My brother now swims regally in the depths, reigning there with the Deep Ones who will soon come to set things right!”

[13:52] Elleon Bergamasco: hallo there

[13:52] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ee’s the brother of Zachariah, ‘oo troyed ta destroy us a few months back

[13:52] Tepic Harlequin backs away…..

[13:52] Nathanael Effingham lowers his arms, and regards the group with a hideous replica of a human smile.

[13:52] Nathan Adored: D-Deep Ones? Oo This is…. starting to sound….. oO

[13:53] Nathan Adored gets goosebumps on his goosebumps

[13:53] NONNON Planer: shivers

[13:53] Nathanael Effingham: “Be warned.”

[13:53] Nathanael Effingham turns and shuffles off

13:53] Jimmy Branagh: Ummmm

[13:53] Jimmy Branagh: Errrrr

[13:53] Jimmy Branagh: Hmmmmmm

[13:53] Tepic Harlequin: cor……

[13:53] Jimmy Branagh: Thet’s not a good soine

[13:53] Grendel Footman watches Nathaniel leave “well that excalated quickly”

[13:54] Nathan Adored shakes his head no

[13:54] Jimmy Branagh: Oy thought we was back ta just fish on Friday …

_at wich point, something crawled out of the canal-

[13:54] Tepic Harlequin: aaaagggggg!!!!!!!!!

[13:54] Embanerous: CLAAAaaark!

[13:54] Elina Koskinen: Good heavens.

[13:54] Grendel Footman: uh oh

[13:54] Embanerous: GLAAAAGH!

[13:54] Jimmy Branagh: Gah thet’s worse

[13:54] Nathan Adored checks that his palm-sized zapgun is still in his jacket pocket

[13:55] Myrtil Igaly: Are we invaded by Sea Monsters??

[13:55] Zoskbosk thinks this might be a good time to return home.

[13:55] Grendel Footman: and that would be a deep one?… great…

)[13:55] Myrtil Igaly: A Deep One???

[13:56] Embanerous shouts: CLLAAAAK

[13:56] Grendel Footman: im assuming,

[13:56] Tepic Harlequin: it were chasin me!

[13:56] Nathan Adored tries to remember how long its been since he charged his pocket zapgun

[13:56] Grendel Footman: which way did it go?[13:56] Zoskbosk left the region.[13:56]

Jimmy Branagh: Oy dunno

[13:56] Tepic Harlequin: that way!

[13:56] Jimmy Branagh: Oy ain;t goin’ thet way

[13:56] Myrtil Igaly: it turned behind us

[13:56] Myrtil Igaly: left after the stairs

[13:56] Myrtil Igaly: right I mean

[13:56] Tepic Harlequin points in the general direction of the City


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